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11/7/2005 7:51 pm

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As I sit here thinking of the day I wonder many a things.

My mind still returning to that one thing

Are you thinking of me?

Do you sit thinking the same things as I do?

Wondering of your eyes

Remembering the first touch

How I never felt alive till that very moment

If I close my eyes tightly

You know I am there

Your hands cradling my face

Telling me do not move

Drawing in that very breath I did at that moment

Softly whispering a moan of pure pleasure

Wanting so much more

Accepting and lingering in moment

My mouth opens to yours

You take my very breath

Your lips softly touch mine

You return life to my soul

Look to my eyes

Tell me to stay

I feel myself pull away

Take me back to that place in time

Bring me forward to something more to come

Please do not leave me here

Standing alone

Waiting in time

likeableguy1964 52M

11/7/2005 9:52 pm

am i thinking of you?

when i close my eyes i see the glow of your face,i see the beams of light from your eyes that pierce my chest.i remember the soft feel of your skin. i remember the taste of your neck, the smell of your boosum.i remember the extacy that flowed between the two of us as our bodies entwined and became one.

yes im thinking of you.!!!

slightlyjadedone 50F

11/8/2005 6:16 am

likeableguy164 that is beautiful!

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