A little time to myself....  

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8/24/2005 3:18 pm

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A little time to myself....

An ordinary day as the sunrises beginning her day. The normal hitting of the snooze button wondering why does every day seem to start the same. Stretching her arms over her head growling out not wanting to step from the bed she quickly tosses the blankets forward tossing her legs from the bed beginning what she always dreads, the day. Walking through the hallway heading to the bathroom she looks within the mirror as she grabs her toothbrush squeezing the tube still half asleep. Lifting the brush to her mouth she begins scrub away at the pearly whites dreaming of what ifs. They pass her thoughts so often, actually more often then not. What if I didn’t get married? What if I didn’t get pregnant? Hell what if all this was a dream? She shakes her head turning the water on finishing the brushing of her teeth drawing in cool deep breath. Making a fake smile in the mirror she splashes some cold water on her face before she reaches for the towel. Drying off her face she tosses back up the towel then heads out of the room.

As she makes her way to the kitchen she reaches turning on the stove to heat up a kettle of water for a cup of morning tea. She thinks of her tea soothing calming inviting another part of the day that lets her drift away. Yes a simple cup of tea can do that. Amazing where it can take you if you let it. To her it brings her to waking in a small cottage in Scotland or Ireland some place green as she would put it. The smell of the salt air filling her senses. The thought of a dark haired green eyed man fills her thoughts now. She surely does not dream of perfection but the thought of this man is enough to put a smile upon any face. The tone of his accent that lingers in her thoughts. How could any woman in any other country not want to live with an accent like that? The roll of the tongue. The tongue, oh yes , she is sure that with a tongue that speak in that way must have talents beyond her wildest thoughts. Those green eyes seeing within her soul she knew he knew her every thought before she even gave it life within her mind. Just then the whistle blew to the kettle boiling bringing her back to her grim reality, morning.

The clinging of the spoon within the cup brought a smile to her face knowing the sweet taste of the tea would soon be soothing her body and mind. She listened to the hustle and running around the walls of the house as she pulled out a chair sipping her tea. Children screaming for control of the television and the chirping of birds catching here ears over there piercing tones. Imagine what it would be to wake up along side someone who would take the initiative to take care of the little things that seem to drive her to her edge these days. She screams out “ For gods sake let the little one watch his cartoons as if you both don’t have your own televisions in your rooms that you have to give him shit???” Bringing the cup back up to her lips she sips in between her yelling. “ Did you not hear me?? Jesus Christ!!! If I have to get up from this table I swear you boys will have to pay..” She covers here eyes as she thinks of a quick way to escape her betty crocker life. Taking her hands down from her face drawing in a deep breath she pushes her cup back and stands from the table walking into the other room looking at the little one sitting in the over sized chair watching cartoons smiling from ear to ear. A soft smile comes across her lips as she leans down to him placing a sweet kiss upon his forehead. “ I love you sugah butt” He grabs a hold of her throat pulling her closer to him “ I love you too mommy” “ okay lets start the day big guy time for breakfast and then the daily grind are you ready? “ she says to him sarcastically. “ no you work I will watch cartoons” she laughs “ yup isn’t that the life of riley you have cartoons and muffins isn’t that just grand” He ignores her as she goes about cleaning up around the little monster. Her mind yet again travels to far off places besides where she is.

The screaming voices echoing up the stairway from the older children arguing. As she holds a stack of misc. items she tosses him down on the floor screaming at the top of her lungs. “ ENOUGH!! Damn IT!! Get something together you are all going somewhere but here!!” She quickly gathers some things together for her young one picks up the phone calling someone anyone that will take them for the day knowing that deep within her soul she needs to escape this life if only for a few hours. Finally she gets a family member to take the little one and the older boys go off to friends houses near by. She decides today is the day she will escape “betty’s” world and step out to see what every one else is living.

Opening the door from her return from dropping off the kids she notices the silence. “ YES!! Silence…” she says to herself with a smile upon her lips. Closing the door she walks to her bedroom thinking of what she will venture off into the world wearing today. Nothing to noticeably attractive. She pulls out her draws slamming them back shut. “ Jesus, you would think I would have something that would…” just then she stops and grins. Opening the last drawer pulling out a black silk bra laced trim with a matching g-string. Smiling as she lays them upon the top of the bed. With her finger towards her cheek she looks in her closet. Thinking and thinking. Reaching out she pushes the hangers side to side looking at the clothing. Grabbing a simple off white short cordaroy skirt that she knows looks very nice to the eye. Pushing more hangers she grabs a black silk baby doll type top small little roses etched on the shear outer ridge of the top a rose color bow lays right between the breasts. Perfect she thinks. Tossing the items on the bed she heads off to the bathroom turning on the shower. Grabbing a fresh towel from the closet she hands It from the hook and quickly eases off shorts and tshirt that she had on previously.

The hot heat from the water and steam fill the room and her lungs. “ Gawd there is nothing like a shower without kids” she speaks as if she is still talking with others around. Some habits are rather hard to break. Leaning her head back she lets the water cascade over her head soaking here hair wetting her lips her mind drifting as she feels the room become engulfed in steam.

Imagining a man opening the door to the bathroom slowly and quietly as if she could not hear. As her eyes are closed she can feel his presence the small breeze from the movement from the shower curtain moving away from the wall. He whispers “ Don’t worry no one saw” she opens her eyes to see him standing there fully dressed just staring at her as the water hits her body. She smiles with and evil grin “ as if I would ever think you would do otherwise”

God he looked so sexy standing there. His dress shirt, tie and dress pants all ready for the office. What she wouldn’t give to appear at his office one day give him a certain look and end up in the woman bathroom with him. That thought has given her a smile many of days. Her just lifting her skirt having him unzip his pants and just enter her as everyone else worked unknowingly around them. Her hands gripping the ceramic sink his holding on to her hips thrusting deep within her. Having to keep her moans silent knowing that this moment would be the one etched in her thoughts for many moons to come.

“ So, are you just going to stand there? “ she pulls at his tie trying to pull him into the shower yet he pulls back.

“ No you will just have to wait lil one for your day is not going to be that easy. Now hurry up with that shower and meet me at this address in an hour” he places a business card with some writing on the bathroom sink as he turns away from her. “ And don’t be late….for if you are …you will not like what the rest of the day has planned for you “ He grins evily as he leaves the curtain open and walks out the door leaving her standing there speechless.

likeableguy1964 52M

8/24/2005 10:32 pm

its absolutely amazing how the "little" things can make such a big difference in your day.

quiet time without the kids or spouse is a treasure. even though you love your kids to death.

triag916 51M

9/27/2005 10:31 pm

Tea With Cream and Sugar Served To You...
The Sounds Of A Shower Invade Thought...
A Man Waiting...
A Hand Offering...

slightlyjadedone 50F

9/28/2005 7:01 pm

* she smiles ever so softly reaching out to the hand holding the tea* thank You kind Sir where have you been...I have been waiting for this tea for my entire life....* she winks to him* Did you go to England and get lost?? Or did you forget that I am in New England...* she chuckles*

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