if i can  

slightly_sexy8 38F
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12/16/2005 4:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

if i can

i have been at a christmas party. it's almost 1 in the morning. why am i even here? sigh.

the tv is on in the background. i'm not watching it but i can hear it. the movie saturday night fever is on and i can hear the music. "if i can't have you, i don't want nobody baby."

there was dancing tonight. i love dancing.

rm_being_eros 46M
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12/18/2005 1:06 pm

and if i can, i want *everybody*?!?

Erik_Bloodaxe 56M

12/19/2005 3:19 pm

Dancing the night away....... Sigh.

AmberSolaire 42M

12/20/2005 11:54 am

Merry Christmas


slightly_sexy8 38F
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12/20/2005 2:17 pm

i hope you all have a new year full of happiness, and dancing too.

and eros.. is that a typo? " and if i can, i want *every body*?!? "


rm_being_eros 46M
41 posts
12/20/2005 10:55 pm

well, sexy8 - somebody (some body), but not just anybody (any body)!

or as my brothers say:

Everybody needs somebody
Everybody needs somebody to love (someone to love)
Sweetheart to miss (sweetheart to miss)
Sugar to kiss (sugar to kiss)
I need you you you
I need you you you
I need you you you in the morning
I need you you you when my soul's on fire

happy holidays and a happy new year, sugar-to-kiss-sexy8!

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