another morning  

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another morning

the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.
- helen keller.

at times
beauty is actually
quite a fragile thing.
it sometimes
doesn't survive well
to the poking
of it's more sensitive aspects
or being left
to feel threatened
by cold winds.

it too
sees a different side.

but enough of that.
if it's too late
then it's too late.

although rainy and cold
and started with a black cloud,
hopefully can be recovered.

i am a happy
in my own soul
and skin
kind of person;
with a life blessed in so many ways.
yes, i waste time
but i am enjoying exploring.
so i carry on
as i like
as i want
i'm not asking for anything
happy to learn together
or alone.

so i'm going to read
this little poem
that i keep in the top drawer
of my desk at work
and be on my way for the day.
work to do
and a long walk
along the water to take.
some days
walking in the rain
is perfect.

new every morning

every day is a fresh beginning,
listen my soul to the glad refrain.
and, spite of old sorrows
and older sinning,
troubles forecasted
and possible pain,
take heart with the day and begin again.

-susan coolidge

image - figure in a garden, paul klee
music - u2, original of the species

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