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9/21/2005 7:13 am

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why don't i have a better system? i read someone's blog, or make a post and then i can't ever find it again. hmm.

and why am i far too nonchalant at times? it's a fault i need to work on.

and why did i forgot to renew my library books?

and why do all my winter clothes look boring after being in the closet all summer? i need to go shopping, which i guess i can do, no hardship there.

and why is it colder inside than outside?

and why do i throw out more cups of cold coffee at work than i actually get to drink?

and is it ok to feel so happy that i did something at work which i wasn't sure if i should do or not but i went ahead and took the risk and the results have far exceeded my expectations?

and why is it that my bosses boss came to see me when i was booking a ticket online? not that it really mattered, but typical.

and how can i possibly really like the song 'runaway train' by busted?

and why am i watching 'diagnosis murder' and writing this when i have work to do?

and why do i have e.e. cummings on my mind?

i guess because i read this somewhere, then one of his poems, and have been on a poemfest for a day or two now.

cummings wrote:

" you and i are not snobs. we can never be born enough. we are human beings; for whom birth is a supremely welcome mystery, the mystery of growing: the mystery which happens only and whenever we are faithful to ourselves, you and i wear the dangerous looseness of doom and find it becoming. life, for eternal us, is now; and now is much too busy being a little more than everything to seem anything catastrophic included. "

the little horse is newlY

the little horse is newlY

Born)he knows nothing,and feels
everything; all around whom is

perfectly a strange
ness (Of sun
light and of fragrance and of

Singing)is ev
erywhere(a welcom
ing dream: is amazing)
a worlD.and in

this world lies:smoothbeautifuL
ly folded: a brea
thing and a gro

Wing)silence, who:


by e.e. cummings

and the image left is by david hockney - 3 chairs with picasso.
and how could anyone possibly not like that?


TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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9/21/2005 10:55 am

Why? The only answer is because ... anything else is window-dressing!

Erik_Bloodaxe 56M

9/22/2005 4:18 pm

Your Blog is too profound, Slightly. I did think a little bit...but then I got a nose-bleed and gave up.

rm_being_eros 46M
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9/23/2005 6:44 pm

sexy8, is one supposed to understand a cummings poem, or just
enjoy the words, the form, and the rhythm?

cause i feel like in school, and i haven't done my homework...

on an only slightly related topic - have you guys seen this guy's
chin and chest? i'll bet he didn't have to come to a-f-f to find
sex partners! some guys have all the luck...

slightly_sexy8 38F
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9/23/2005 11:22 pm

erik, hmm.

did you not see the sign on your way in? free box of tissues for every reader.

slightly_sexy8 38F
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9/23/2005 11:43 pm

being eros, i suppose it's possible to understand his poems if you are an abstract thinker? like most creative things, we each take away something different depending on our frames of mind, or perhaps nothing at all sometimes too.

um, on this slightly related topic - which guys chin and chest do you mean? i only see the quiet guys photo here but i can't see his chin?

rm_being_eros 46M
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9/23/2005 11:58 pm

cumming's chin and chest

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
2386 posts
9/24/2005 12:51 am

S_S ... that can be arranged too, if required

I'm not sure I can recommend it though!

interested13563 53M
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9/24/2005 11:59 am

Quite interesting!

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