Technical difficulties....  

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7/12/2005 3:19 pm

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Technical difficulties....

More ranting and raving about the heat. LOL...

Last Friday (07/08/05) the A/C in my office just wasn't working very well....but since I am still fairly new in this job and since I was the only 1 there that day....decided to just hang in there. I thought maybe the unit had simply "frozen" up, because sometimes they do especially if somehow the thermostat had been maybe turned down too low....which I admit... I might have. Oh'..alright... I did... but dang it.. it was hot.

So, I turned the thermostat back up to around 80 thinking that after a little while it would thaw out and then I would turn it back down (but only just a little). After about an hour and a half, I tried to turn it down...nothing, nada, zip...

So, then I decided to hell with it... it's Friday, it's almost time to go anyway... I'll just deal with the heat.

Weekend passes.... my co-worker who wasn't there on Friday, decides to come in on Saturday for awhile... A/C still not working.... it's too uncomfortable to work... so she goes home.

Monday..yesterday.... Same. No A/C. Finally, we decide to tell the guy who owns the building about it...and he says to me.. "well, did you check to see if any cool air was coming out the vent?"... I say... "no....sorry... I'm too short to reach that far up". Which is true.. I am. I'm only 5 ft 2 inches and the vent is way up the wall towards the ceiling...and it's a very high ceiling. No way I'm standing on chairs or stuff to try and reach, not with a herniated disc and risking losing my balance and falling. Nope, not this girl.

Anyway... yesterday it was just unbearable... both of us nearly sick from the heat...sweating like crazy...unable to concentrate on our work...but we hang in and get thru the day...vowing... that if it's like this again tomorrow.. (which is today)...then we're going home.

A/C guy came out... this morning. Motor burnt up, entire unit is ready to give up the ghost... he tell's the owner of the building he needs a new unit... I guess there's a dozen A/C unit's up on the roof... Anyway.. he replaces the motor...but the coils are all froze up and so we can't use the A/C until it thaws out. Now, there's this horrible burnt/fume sort of odor that just won't go away. Both my co-worker and I are getting headaches...and our sinus's feel extremely irratated. We both still feel like crap from the heat and from the day before.... it's still hotter'n hell in the office.

So, we send an email to our manager (who's in Phx) and we say we're taking what work we can do at home and buggin out.

So... now I'm home... taking a break... thought I'd write a blog entry, don't REALLY want to do any work... LOL.. but, at least my house is nice and cool... starting to feel better. Good thing theres a lot I can do from home...cuz the majority of it is a clearing house for electronic claims online. This manager we have is brand new.....and he's in Phx. We're hoping that we can convince him to let us work from home and just have a "virtual" office... maybe get a 2nd phone line at one of our houses.. probably mine...since I answer the phone 98% of the time...and since I'm normally the one who would be handling client calls &/or patients of those clients. IE: Looking up transaction histories, and updating information...that sort of stuff. All we'd each need is a better copier/fax/scanner machine like we have at work except one at home...a heavy duty document shredder... (since we have to make sure we're HIPPA compliant) and we'd be good to go.... Even if we had to maybe drive up to Phx once a week or every other week... it'd be worth it if we could work from home. I'd love that.... but... I also know me...and I know I'd have to get very strict with myself...and not do write blogs on sex sites... LOL. Or surf and play online. I maybe could do a little chatting on the instant messanger stuff...but would have to set limits. LOL.

I would love to be able to work from home... be able to sit her stark buck my music...have my cigarettes without having to go outside to smoke. We don't get people coming to our offices...because there just isn't a need for anyone to. We get the mail...and other types of deliveries...but that stuff could all go to a P.O. BOX.

I'd love to hear from anyone who works from home and hear about the pro's & con's of it...and also any words of advise in terms of how to stay centered/focused on work. Also, any suggestions on how to convince the boss that working from home would be a good thing. Not to mention saving the cost of having to rent office space, etc. Does anyone have any statistics on cost showing advantage of working from home as opposed to working from an office? I know that there would be a wide range of circumstance....depending on what sorts of business other people run out of their homes, but an idea of what kinds of financial advantage would be great. advance. I'd better get back to work...

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