Never forget....  

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9/11/2005 1:07 pm

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Never forget....

I don't think anyone in America will ever fully be the same. 9/11 shook us to our very core and opened our eyes to the reality that it is indeed possible to be hit on our own land by these thugs, these inhuman animals. I remember that morning, turning on the TV for noise as I set about getting ready for work and seeing the first building smoking, not knowing it was a situation happening right then and thinking instead they were doing some sort of follow up story from years ago when it had been bombed---and the then the 2nd plane hit the 2nd building....I remember literally SCREAMING... OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD. My body got weak and I felt like I would be sick. I was numb and is was everyone I saw that day at work. I remember seeing a middle eastern man in a car at the stop light on my way to work that morning...he was smiling... I wanted to ram him with my car. My son-in-law's best friend-his best man at the wedding... His name is Tom...was supposed to have been at the World Trade Center that morning...but had stopped to get a hair cut before going to work. That's how close it came in my environment. I remember my daughter who lives in CA, calling me-crying...asking me what to do because she was so scared...wanting to know is it safe, is it ok to go about day to day life. I told her it would be ok, but until we know the extent of the situation, stay closer to home, don't go to Disneyland or anyplace where there is a lot of people...and just go on with her life. I or my family didn't personally know anyone that this horrible tragedy hit but even so, whether we knew anyone or not it became a personal tragedy for all Americans regardless of color, religion or social status. My flag flies with PRIDE...and I will never forget, nor can I ever forgive those that came into our country and willfully, maliciously caused a day in our lives that was so horrific of an event in our nation and to our fellow countrymen,women and children. Especially to those who lost thier husbands, wifes, brothers, sisters, son's & daughters, grand parents...Aunt's, Uncles, fiance's, best friends/dear friends, lovers. America and Americans from that day onward has changed... some drastically, some slightly...but nonetheless...we are a changed nation and while at times it seems all has gone back to normal, on 9/11 for the rest of our lives...we will remember, those who have put away the flag, will bring it back out...we will watch the stories be told again and again....we will resolve to never allow it to ever happen again, we will resolve to capture those responsible...and we will mourn those that were lost. 9/11 will bring about new strength and determination....and will send the message loud and clear those terrorist communities/leaders....that AMERICA is still here and we are stronger than ever.

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