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9/15/2005 9:19 pm

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Interesting people...

There are an awful lot of very interesting, down to earth genuine people who blog. I find myself sitting here, for hours on end...just reading, and reading...jumping from blog to blog.... seemingly forgetting that after all, this is a sex hookup site.

Funny thing about a lot of these blogs, but they aren't necessarily full of sexual experiences &/or thoughts. Mine aren't, san's the first blog I posted. All of them since have pretty much just been day to day stuff.

The blogs I've been reading alot of are mostly written by men....and 2 of them are from women. Anyway...there is a lot of really deep, passionate, intelligent, funny, caring/loving people out here. Some blogs have a lot of poetry in them...which I just love, some have questions put to the readers that are either meant to bring out deep thought/wisdom...opinion and some are chocked full of "20 questions" type of game. All in good fun.

Some of these good people, apparently have become very close to each other thru reading/writing and commenting on each other's post's and have developed great friendships--even if they are miles and miles away.

I just think it's cool...and I'm glad AdultFriendFinder created the "blogs" for those of us who either like to write, like to write and read and comment...or just plain like to read what goes on with other members in other parts of the country.

Before the blogs came along...I used to quite enjoy the magazine...all areas... not really drawn to any one particular topic...but a wide variety of topies. Each topic has it's own appeal. Sometimes I would go and read the section where people talked about how to say "no thanks"... to people you weren't interested in.

I've been both polite and down right crude/bitch to some that sent message's. Some I just plain ignored...simply because at the time... I just didn't have it in me to give a reply...good or bad. Some of the ones I was "rude" to...I felt deserved it...because they obviously didn't read my profile..and somehow thought that they were the "exception" to the rule...that somehow...they were "special".

Since I'm sortof on the subject of sending messages... I have at times sent a message to someone who I clearly wasn't what they wanted...but.. the message was always something other than wanting to meet.

My messages in those cases usually had something to do with the fact that I either thought their profile was very well written or funny or some other thing...and usually I would preface it by saying first off...that I was sending a compliment and that no reply back was required or necessary..and I always made sure I acknowledged that I probably wasn't what they are/were looking for....but just merely wanted to say "good job" or whatever it was that prompted me to message them.

Usually though, they would write back and always very politely say thanks.. or maybe they would invite me to be a pen pal sort of friend. I've made a few of those through here. I'm babbling... which mean's I am getting tired. Good night...

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