I began feeling your hands getting closer to my wet ...  

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10/16/2005 12:35 pm

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I began feeling your hands getting closer to my wet ...

Abbey Allen...**porn starlett wanna be**...has a FIGHT with her boyfriend....

As we stood there in the bedroom arguing, about something stupid, we were both all worked up.

You tried standing in front of me to talk and I pushed you onto the bed......you and I both looked at each other, first you smiled, seeing how shocked I was that I had even done that, you slowly begin to smile and I tried very hard not too, you grabbed me and pulled me on top of you.

You said "so you wanna play like that?".... and you rolled me over in one swoop, as I tried getting you off me, it was no use, you put my arms over my head and tried kissing me at this point I smiled my evil little smile and wouldn't let you.

You told me you would kiss me and you would fuck me like I have never been fucked. I replied "Hell no", you grabbed the tie laying on the ground and tied my arms up, you slowly began kissing my whole body as I squirmed to get free, I wasn't going to let you, but you were gonna have me.

I started feeling a warm familiar gush between my legs, the forcefulness that you used and the sound of your voice was turning me on I had never seen you act this way and it was an erotic change, You told me not to make a sound, I mumbled something under my breath and you put your hand over my mouth, Shut up, you said.

I began feeling your hands getting closer to my wet pussy, and then suddenly you slide a finger in then 2, then 3, it hurt.....but it was a good hurt, you told me how wet I was and how I could protest and pretend all I wanted that ....I didn't want you.... but this proves it as you slide your fingers out and stuck them in my mouth, taste this you said....... this is you wanting me.

I was surprised of the wetness on your fingers.... you told me to lick them clean, I said no, you said Abbey....do it.....and I did. I liked it

You told me to spread my legs and I fought you, you said, spread them and you forced them apart, I finally gave in as you slide your cock deep inside me with one thrust. I screamed out, it felt so good, you began fucking me like you never have, calling me dirty little words telling me that I was a little tease and I wanted you all along, I screamed out yes I do!

You turned me over in one motion and grabbed my ass and pulled it up off the bed, and stuck your cock inside me again, I tried turning to look at you, you told me turn around don't look at me.... this is only for me to see, I am the only one the gets to see my cock in you!

I tried again, you grabbed my hair and turned my head back around. You kept asking me do I want to see you cum, I said yes....please....... you said no way.......I begged you......I began cumming all over your cock screaming out ....but you covered my mouth again.... Baby I said please let me see....I want to see, hear and feel you cum....NO you said....I continued begging until finally you pulled out of me and flipped me over, you said this is what you do to me....you grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards your cock and came all over my face.

I heard you moaning and I begged you to let me taste you, you wiped your fingers on my face and then slide them into my mouth, I tasted both of us....I loved seeing a different side of you.....I will never forget that fight we had, now that I think about it I don't even remember what it was about!

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10/17/2005 1:58 pm

That's good stuff. *thinking I need to be alone now*
I'm glad I've come back to visit!


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Hey thanks T&T....if you liked this one...then your apt to like the very first post I started my blog with....
[post 33286]..........{=}

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10/18/2005 6:05 am

OH WOW! Great read...I'm checking out the other post you mentioned.

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10/29/2005 10:28 am

Great write up...close to though. but loved it !

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