Does anybody watch that show...  

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8/24/2005 10:55 pm

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Does anybody watch that show...

where they are looking for the new lead singer? I don't know if I can mention it or not... but it has to do with "in excess"... all though it's really spelled much differently, but at least you'll get the jist of it.

Anyway...last night, Tuesday, I watched it for the 2nd time...and was just totally blown away by the talent of these people. One in particular, a blonde haired guy named Marty...sorta reminds me of several different people...(one being David Bowie...and another one.. Mick Jagger)...was just awesome.

I rarely ever get that caught up in stuff like that...but this guy was really something else. Right from the beginning of his performance... I just knew he was going to nail it. The way he stood, the determination in his eyes...the steadfastness of his voice starting off... soft/slow...and little by little raising the level until it got to the part where he really gave it his all.

This guy ROCKED!!!

They all did.

I bet I've spent the better part of this evening checking out the web site for that show... re-watched him perform his song from last night I think about 22 times. Actually, watched a bunch of them and from previous weeks as well. I know where I'll be next tuesday night... watchin in excess...

Then the next morning... I fly out to CA. to see my daughter and grandbaby...
for a loooooonnnnnnggggg Labor day weekend. Can't wait.

Last time I saw my grand daughter...was her first birthday. Now she's walking, and saying a few more words.... maybe I can get her to say "grandma" while I'm there. I'll let ya'll know...with probably a WAY too long blog.

As you might be able to tell, if you check out the rest of the post's... some of them are pretty lengthy. I do like to write..when the mood strikes.
Sometimes, though... it has a lot to do with pent up sexual energy...and sometimes, it just plain has to do with either being frustrated with my job or bored. Maybe also a combination of all 3.

Time to go... haven't eaten a thing all wonder I've lost weight... I call it the "I get so damn involved with the computer..that I forget to eat" diet.
That in itself...would be a way too long story. However n a nut shell... what it boils down to is just that I like technology, I like learning/playing/teaching/exploring the it doesn't hurt the job skills none to much either. There.. that wasn't too bad was it? C'ya...

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