Data Processing....woes  

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6/30/2005 6:54 pm

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Data Processing....woes

Well... let's see. My new job is in the "health care" field...medical billing/coding...that sort of thing and it's completely different than what I've been used to for the last 26 years or so, which was automotive, specifically... car dealerships. Anyway... I left the dealership I was at for 11 years, because basically in a nut shell... and 2 words will pretty much sum it up...and that being "BULLY BOSS".

Yep.. I had a cunt of a boss who was could see it in her eyes...and in her face... she just loved treating people bad... not only just me...but anyone she thought she could get by with it.

However...I finally got to the point where I had been startled out of my chair for the last damn time. Once...she came around the corner of my little cubby area....and startled me so bad I hyper extended my left shoulder. Arms flew every which way... including directions they ain't supposed to. LOL... which when that happened... of course I was in immediate extreme pain...and she totally forgot what she was coming to attack me on. I felt constantly attacked..and I was constantly on guard...until I quit, and piled all of my stuff on her desk.

I worked in warranty... processing manufacturer claims...and I handled well over 60+ companies, while 1 other person handled 2...and another handled 10-11. She (cunt/boss) handled about 10-11 also. Not to mention that when we would get another vender to submit claims one... would accept another company.... except me. Especially if they were online. I forgot to mention that the rest of the office... could barely open email, let alone process claims via the internet... and numerous times a day... I would be called upon to help someone get out of something they didn't know how they got into... and of course.. on those times I was a "fucking genious". See.. I'm very mechanically inclined and have always pretty much been a "tech'y" sort of person.. and rarely need instructions on how to operate this gadget or that... cuz' I love that stuff so much.. anyway, life in a dealership isn't all bad... lot's of little perks and fun stuff going on.

Only thing bad about my job...was the boss.

So, middle of March.... after I have my epidural injection for my back...(I have a herniated disc..which that in itself is a long, long story)...I quit that job.

Now.. my new job...which I had lined up before quitting the old one was (I thought) going to be very cool... more $$$, closer to home... no micromanaging time time card... come in when I want... go home when I want.... Hell... I can go in at 2 in the morning if I wanted...(but I don't).

So one of my challenges, was learning something completely opposite of what I've done all my life. No problem.. I thought.. and actually for the most part it isn't. There's all sorts of different abbreviations to learn... different policies... dealing with medical insurance payers/companies.. like Medicare...and so on.

Here's where it gets fucked up... we have this "data processing center"... in India. Yep.. we have one of "those"... and they (the people there) are so difficult to understand it isn't funny. They write in their emails..."henceforth, and herewith...and this one I get the biggest laugh out of.. they say..."please do the needful"... HaHa. They also... play very "dumb"...and blame all of their mistakes on "cultural differences". My boss sent them an email about a week ago...telling them that "culture" has nothing do to with making the same mistakes over, and over again.

Anyway.. I'm mostly blowing steam here... because I got an email from the main guy over there telling me I need to do this and I need to do that... referring to the fact that I've scanned over to them... 33 different patient problems from 1 client alone....where the "DPC"... kept making the same mistakes...over and over. He's telling me I need to research these problems... which I write back and say..."I did...that's why your getting them... and they need to be fixed"... (inside I'm thinking... asshole....) lol.

I guess over in India... if you have any computer/data processing skills... you can get pretty good jobs...according the the co-worker I have here... the one who's been training me... "the world is their oyster"... if they are skilled. She was sent over there for about 3 train them. She said it was pretty weird... said the women over there.. get up real early in the morning...and sweep the "dirt" streets to the curb...every single day. People riding on little motorbikes... sometimes entire families... on 1 motorbike... hardly anyone had a car...and if they did...they were considered "rich".

Oh well..thank goodness for a long weekend coming up. I hope like hell I don't have another one like the last long holiday weekend.

I need to win the lottery.....

So.. anyone wanna hear how got a herniated disc? LOL... a little hint.. has something to do with the day my precious grand daughter (Alarah...isn't that just the most beautiful name you've ever heard?) was born... over a year ago....

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7/1/2005 1:59 am

Darlin, Iknow exacly how you feel with your disc. I have two of them that I've been dealing with since 1989. NOT fun at all, especially when a person is use to lifting in excess of 125lbs all day, and now lifting 50lbs on a sometimes basis. OUCHIE

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