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10/7/2005 11:25 pm

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Blog hopping...

Yes, folks... I admit it... I'm a blog hopper. Dammit.

I've lost track how many blogs I've visited this evening...not to mention how many posts I've read at each blog site. Made a few comments here and there.

Several made me smile.... one made me cry...more than 5 cracked me up to the point I had to walk away from the computer to catch my breathe.

2 or 3 of 'em made me wiggle. 2 made me reflect. 1 was way different than what is usually posted...but I understand the pain behind it. Part of me wanted to comment...but didn't because I couldn't identify with the subject...and to be honest I hope I don't ever have to. However I will say here that for the situations/circumstances each contributor experienced and shared in their comments did cause a great deal of sadness in me for them and I am truly sorry for them and their families.

Instead of saying "if I could get away with..."..I would rather say.."if I could change it and have it never happened for each and every one of them I would....gladly".

It used to be before "blogs", that I would get on the site...Read messages, or accept/decline network invites...check out who had checked me... maybe check and see who's online...or who's new on the site. Sometimes I would go and read the magazine. Once in a blue moon..maybe check out the chat rooms...but rarely ever participated. It always seemed that there wasn't any "room" to join in the conversations, as most of them appeared to have developed a freindship with each other.

Sometimes I felt bored with the site....until I discovered the web cam people., la. I put my cam on once or Except.. not on me. Instead I aimed it at the sofa...or some other piece of furniture. I found it quite odd but also interesting how many people (guys) would all of a sudden be watching...and even more amazing...was that the "hot" meter would rise. This was funny...cuz a playmate and I were surfin the just for kicks I put the cam on and turned it towards a recliner chair... and told him to watch how fast the numbers would grow and I told him to pay attention to the "hot" meter...which would go way up to indicate I was was so funny. We just laughed. Amazing.

So how do you "surf" the site?
What is it that you find the most interesting or the most fun?
Where do you go first thing...?
Then where?

{=} C'ya...Slide

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HardlyYours4Now 52M

10/8/2005 3:11 am

First I go to the fridge and get a nice cold glass of milk and make a sandwhich. It takes a while for the logon most of the time, so I might as well do something useful...

But then I cruise Blogonia. Interesting citizenship we have here.

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