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1/10/2006 5:53 pm

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Attention Blogland....READ THIS POST.


Just passing this word out

PLEASE....follow these links

[post 198607]** GOTD.
[post 198545]** Katey.

Appears there may be more at hand than what we've all been led to believe...and a lot of emotion spilled by many of us for a tragedy that may...or may not have happened. I'm hopeful all will be revealed very soon and that this truth will set us continue to trust and care for one another as we have obviously showed here within the past 2 days.

Personally, I hope the man is alive...for his family and friends...but I will not be able to forgive the hoax...if that's what we discover it to have been.

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1/10/2006 6:06 pm


I just read Goddess's post and I am putting the same reply on here for you and your viewers:

I want to thank you for this and have to tell you when I first read what was happening it sounded so familiar to someone else's story on here but I didnt want to believe it. I just didnt. If AnEnigma517 has passed, my god rest his soul and may he help us find the truth.

I wanted to share some of the things that happened to us on here with our "so called" friend and his tragic death due to drunk driving. The only reason I have not putted it out in a blog is because I dont want the bastard's game to get better and have him hurt more people but after reading this ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

There was no record of a car accident due to drunk driving in that city
No police reports, no coroner's report, etc....
No males admitted to the trauma center there and there is one trauma center that area has and everyone is flown to unless they can request otherwise and hey if u are unconscious I dont think so buddy!
No obituary, his father was too private
No friends allowed, only family
No one could give us an address of the funeral site
The location was too remote, you couldnt send flowers
His girlfriend had no idea what city he was buried in but yet she went to the funeral
His girlfriend had a phone phobia and couldnt talk on the phone but could only use his profile and his IM.....
His consoling brother sounded just like him on the phone

The list goes on BELIEVE ME!!!! The only reason I am saying this and putting this out there is because if this is the same person, I just ask them to stop hurting us all with their lies. We are here to blog and to share and there is nothing wrong with that. If you dont like what we are doing, find another FUCKING SITE!

Thanks for looking at all of this and if you email me, I will send you the person's handle that I am speaking of and perhaps AdultFriendFinder can put an end to it!!!

Purry {=}


slidein2meplz 61F
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1/10/2006 7:17 pm

thank you... I will email you...

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GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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1/11/2006 12:30 am

slide, can you email me?

Green_Tea_Boy 50M
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1/11/2006 2:15 am

Sliden...thanks... I just read GOTD's posts....and like Purry..I'll post my comments I wrote on her site here too... thanks for taking the time to post on my blog too... I had wondered what I was going to do today ..if I couldn't

Once again thanks....

this is my post on GOTD's blog:

LOL...I have just spent the last hour or so reading through all the posts and comments...well done to those who have checked it out... but it is sad that it had to be like that..

I've been on a few sites where people have claimed to have died... indeed I remember one that had the highest mortality rate ever... on reflection I wonder why it ever had anybody on it... worse than living in a low budget soap opera...

Anyways.. we should not be surprised by some peoples actions... there are a lot of seriously damaged people using sites like this and they have considerable need to create attention for themselves.. whether that is because they suffer diagnosable conditions or through life experience...

Unlike many of you I didn't know this I didn't spend much emotion thinking about it.. other than to note another sensless death caused by the avoidable actions of another person...

I guess we are all pretty pissed off at being suckered into a situation that appears to be false... if AnEnigma is still alive and watching us...I hope that he has gained whatever satisfaction from it he wanted...

My own sense is that he was possibly getting in too deep...and needed to get out of whatever situation he was in... whether it was because he had created something that was out of his control and it was about to all fall down around him and he would be shown up as a fraud...or that he just needed to extract himself from this situation and by faking his death he wouldn't have to face up to the questions and emotional impact of the situation...I just don't know.... wherever it lies along that continuum I hope he managed to achieve what he wanted... the awful thing is that what he did caused such an emotional response in a lot of people... he obviously didn't think or worse didn't care about the impact on others... which is sociopathic behaviour...

If he wants to live his life without consequences...well he is doing pretty well...

Things like this should be seen as a learning experience... but we should not grow cynical about people...

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