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9/7/2005 10:06 pm

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8/15/2013 11:43 pm the Armed forces

Thank you to all of you that at one time or another stood in harms way so that people like me have the freedoms we have. My dad was a Marine...when he died 10 years ago, we found the button off of a Japanese Generals (coat/uniform??)...that he had saved. His best friend, was a Marine with him in countless battles during those years...he was the one who identified it..('cuz we didn't know what it was).....but didn't know it existed and said "Damn... Joe killed a Japanese General". That was way back a long, long time ago. Coming up in 4 days, we have a horrible anniversary to remember... 9/11. I will never know how to ever show enough appreciation to anyone that has served and protected our country....but one thing is for certain and that is I will never, ever critize the armed forces. Whether you were a Ranger or any other type of elite special forces....YOU ALL WILL HAVE MY RESPECT as long as I live. You are all a truly special breed....

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