1st Weekly review...the STER'S....  

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10/15/2005 1:12 pm

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1st Weekly review...the STER'S....

The Ster's...weekly review.

The Sters are going to be on the cover of the next Newsweek. It's a feature article on how some primates use fecal matter as a food additive. It should prove quite interesting as it will show case many of Lucy's recipes.

Pimpster won a Publisher's Clearinghouse Prize - 14 ripe bananas and a 12 oz tube of Jiffy Lube. He was in Heaven. However, the rest of the "Ster's" were very jealous...and are plotting against him. Wimpster isn't involved in the others evil plans ..as he would rather just sit and cry. They've promised to keep me informed of what they plan on doing....as they know it needs reviewed and approved before any monkey business will be allowed.

Limpster went to a specialist at the Mayo Clinic who actually fixed his limp. He changed his name to Norman. His siblings seem to like the new nameall though they miss the limp.

Chimpster has been going to a dermatologist to get the hair removed from his face by laser. He has a new girlfriend who thinks he'll look alot younger if he weren't so hairy. In return, Chimpster asked her to remove her rectum. She has an appointment with the doctor next Wednesday to see if that is something that can be done.

I suspect she will probably be dumping Chimpster in favor of Wimpster as she has confided in me that she really doesn't want to part with her rectum and Wimpster seems to love her rectum just the way it is.

Gotta tell ya....I don't think I want to be anywhere near the "Ster's" when any of this comes about. Shit will literally fly....and no fan to assist it.

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