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100 Facts about me

100 Facts about me…includes the answers to 100 questions.

Please check the links put to the readers of DefiniteTrouble which I found to be very interesting and fun to participate in.

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100 Facts About Me, was created by sj365 Expose Yourselfand has kicked off the beginning of what may become a fad among blogland. I sincerely hope to see it continue and grow.

So, here we go….a hundred things about me but not in any particular order or value:

1)I’m a mom and a 1st time grandmother.

2)My daughter and grand daughter are my world, my heart and mean more to me than anything.

3)I’m a family kind of gal. It’s important to me.

4)I did a damn good job of raising my daughter…by myself. A complete stranger at her wedding told me I should write a book because she is so sweet and kind and….loving, and smart…

5)My ex-husband “snatched” my daughter when she was 3.

6)My dad and I “snatched” her back 8 months later.

7)I love my friends

I have more common sense smarts than book smarts.

9)My roots aren’t blonde

10)I’ve been “san’s” panties for 16 years…long before it was popular.

11)Shaved the hoochie…right about then too…again long before it was popular.

12)I have a lot of really great friends

13)I hated my curly hair when I was growing up.

14)Love it now

15)I was 27 the first time I smoked the wacky stuff. Never liked it….don’t do it.

16)I got a friend to stop using cocaine. I’ve never tried it and won’t. Her rich parents rewarded me well. **I didn't ask for it...they were that grateful**

17)I stopped drinking when I realized I started to have a problem.

1I became a Buddhist 18 years ago.

19)I know when people who are very, very close to me are hurt or sick…or worse….because I feel it…but can’t explain it…6th sense/physic tendencies.

20)See above… I knew at 3 am in the morning…Nov. 1995 that my boyfriend had died….was actually told by his step dad by phone the next morning. (Motorcycle accident–I woke up at that exact time it happened… crying/hysterical…but at the time….knew not why)

***** This isn’t as easy as it seems it
ought to be *****

21)I was a lifeguard at age 17 through 21

22)Saved my youngest brother from drowning…3 times.

23)3 is a mystical number in Buddhism…not a fact about me…but just a Buddhist fact.

24)I saved my mother from being killed when I was 13 (she fell out of a car while my dad was driving…car started rolling…after he jumped out to get mom…I “flew” over the back seat and front seat from the back of the station wagon ...and jumped on the brakes…back wheel was just inches away from crushing her head)…whew!

25)I’m extremely mechanically inclined

26)I was a damn good warranty

27)I don’t like medical billing

2I love my house, but not my neighborhood. See Too close for comfort....

29)I love to camp and fish…but haven’t in a long while.

30)I got to ride in the “pace car” once at our local race track and I got to present the trophy to the winner of the heat race.

31)My first boy toy was 27…I was 47

32)I had a heart attack when I was 41. Didn’t know it…but found out about it a week later when I went to the Dr. because my back hurt.

33)At one time I had 3 salt water fish tanks: 1 was 250 gallon, 1 was 150 gallon and 1 was 75 gallon. All with live salt water fish/sand & etc. No plastic/fake stuff.

34)I’ve recently lost 39 lbs…no longer in BBW mode but more “curvy”….’eh, well maybe still a little…

35)I once quit smoking for a little over 6 years. Gained 90 lbs.
Thus began the BBW era.

36)Started smoking again 8 years ago…lost half of what I gained. Still in BBW mode.

37)A hot/sexy hunk of a 32 year old cop thinks I’m gorgeous… see
[post 33286]

3I prefer men in their 30’s and 40’s.

39)I can afford to have someone else do my house work and my laundry.

40)I have really small feet…with perfectly aligned toes…IE: Toe next to big toe doesn’t stick out farther.

41)I had the toenails on both big toes removed 4 years ago. As long as I keep them painted you can’t even tell.

42)I designed and built my own canopy over my bed.

43)I love yard sales, swap meets.

44)I decorate/design interiors for friends and family because I have the “gift”.

45)I don’t do yard work…ever.

46)I love porches and decks/patios.

47)I cannot water ski…no matter how many times I’ve tried and tried.

4I believe what goes around comes around and I try not to create bad karma.

49)I’m closest to my youngest brother out of all my siblings.

50)I miss my dad, my grandmother, my boyfriend.

51)I don’t drink enough water

52)I try to never miss the sunsets. They are beautiful out here.

53)I smoke too much

54)I was engaged 6 years ago… broke it off…because he drank too much. Whew.

55)I can drive in reverse as straight and as fast as I can forward. Thanks to my dad… he used to be a race car driver….thought it was important to be able to do.

56)Ditto…with the parallel parking… thanks Dad.

57)I don’t like sea food.

5I don’t like beans…except green beans.

59)I procrastinate

60)Most of the time, depending on what it is…I’d rather do it myself than show someone how

61)I get impatient with stupid people

62)I don’t believe in “fake it till you make it” but I understand the concept.

63)If I offer to do anything for someone…..I mean it….and I will do it. If I don’t…it means I don’t want to and I won’t.

64)I am stubborn

65)I will more often than not cooperate if I am asked instead of being told.

66)My clothes and my shoes always match

67)My house is color coordinated with a basic theme and the color flows from room to room.

6Someone thought I was a Feng Shui designer/consultant when they came to my home for the first time. I’m not…but it was cool that they thought so. My house has good energy.

69)It takes a lot to make me angry/mad.

70)I give more than I take and am very sentimental.

71)I sometimes work too many hours because I end up getting carried away/involved…and forget it’s time to go home.

72)I love dirty jokes….the dirtier the better.

73)I love to cook for a man that loves to eat.

74)I won’t talk on my cell phone when I drive.

75)I’m very patriotic

76)I’m conservative…but don’t lean to far either way. Middle of the road is more apt to describe my political views.

77)I like saying certain things to certain people just for shock value.

7I can sound just like Curley of the 3 stooges when he says “hey Moe”...when Moe says "so your a wise guy huh"..."why I oughta"

79)I like/love slapstick.

80)I can and have been known to be very funny…especially after 2 beers.

81)I don’t like to have sex with the TV on….too distracting.

82)I once went 3 years without sex… I’ll never do that again.

83)I don’t go to bed during the week until 2 ish and on the weekends….I don’t go to bed until 4 or 5 ish.

84)I’m harder on myself than any “boss” could ever be.

85)I don’t have a problem with admitting mistakes as long as I know it.

86)I can swear like a sailor.

87)I’ve been told I should’ve been a detective.

8I’m laid back, easy going, mellow…but I won’t let someone take advantage of me or walk all over me.

89)I march to my own beat.

90)I was fooled once by a man….who turned out to be someone who had used a fraudulent name…and wasn’t who I thought he was. However, he didn’t get into any of my accounts. Thank goodness.

91)I got kicked out of school for 1 day when I was in the 7th grade for drinking beer at lunch in the lunch room

92)In 1991-1993 I was the only female GM parts counter person in the state of AZ and I ranked in the top 20% nationwide.

93)One of my favorite sayings is “ damn I’m good”

94)I have a herniated disc.

95)I’ve never had the need to push myself to take un-necessary risks. IE: I’m not an adrenalin junkie or live on the edge….but I do like to have fun…I just won’t risk getting hurt to have it.

96)I live within my means…and am extremely “anal” when it comes to my finances.

97)I love Mexican food and Italian food

9I would rather be involved and attached than not.

99)I used to square dance…but I like dancing in general and my nickname used to be: dancin machine…

100)I’m a great kisser…or so I’ve been told
And lastly….cuz 1 wasn’t a fact about me…..just a fact about Buddhism

101)I’m not worldly or rich….I’m just an average 50 year old woman doin the best I can and being the best I can be every day.

Answers to 50 questions:

1. What's your favorite color?
To wear: Pink
In my home: Hunter green

2. What's your favorite quote?
“Believe all of what you see and half of what you hear” from my grandmother.

3. When's the last time you had really good sex?
About a month ago…give or take a few days.

4. What's your favorite scent?
MEN…clean or sweaty… (Not dirty)……love it.
Babies…after the bath.
Stew or vegetable soup simmering on the stove on a cold rainy day.

5. What's your favorite fruit?
Pineapple and Strawberry…tie.

6. If you could leave tomorrow for the vacation of your choice, where would you go?
Ireland…would love to see a Castle.

7. What's the title of the last book you read?
Liturgy of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, the. It’s my prayer book that I read out loud...or as some folk would say… I speak in tongue. Actually, it’s chanting/meditation.

8. Who in your life has been a source for inspiration?
My daughter.
**revised: Also my mom and my grandmother.

9. What's your favorite TV show?
a) “24”
b) “Rescue Me”
c) “Nip/Tuck”
d) “Trading Spaces”

10. What are you wearing right now?
09/15/05 @ 10:43 pm…. I’m still in my work clothes. A teal/greenish long sleeve V’neck t’shirt and jeans, bra, no panties…barefoot.

11. Where is your computer located?
In my 2nd bedroom… it’s my Meditation/computer room.

12. What moment in history do you remember most vividly, other than 9/11 and that horrible bitch Hurricane Katrina? Many…cuz I’m old.
a) Landing on the moon
b) President Kennedy... shot in TX.
c) Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald
d) Bobby Kennedy…gets shot by Sirhan Sirhan.
e) Both space shuttle disasters
f) Rodney King verdict
g) Elvis passing away
h) Princess Dianna passing away
i) When they announced that the Vietnam War was over…
j) Bombing Baghdad…both times
See…told ya I was old….

13. What's your beverage of choice?

14. How many siblings do you have?
1 sister, 3 brothers. I’m the oldest.

15. If you could choose a career path other than your current one, what would it be?
Interior decorator/designer.

16. Where's the naughtiest (or weirdest) place you've had a sexual encounter?
I had sex one evening in the parking lot of the grocery store I shop at in the front cab of a very nice
Truck with a very tall (6’4” man…truck was parked under a light…fortunately, it was late, even though
The store was open 24 hrs. …but also, fortunately….not many cars or people around. It was only supposed to be a “meet and greet”…except it went very well…. obviously….and that was over 2 years ago with someone I met through AdultFriendFinder…and still to this day….

17. If you could live the life of any famous person, historical or current celebrity, who would it be?
Mae West….cuz she was sassy.

18. What's your favorite type of music, the one you listen to most?
Classic Rock

19. Do you stop to smell the flowers?
Always, every chance I get.

20. What's your best remedy for a good night's sleep? Obviously, I need this advice right now...look at the time, lol.
Sex…and if no sex…then those lil blue pills work just dandy.
•.BTW...#3: NEW ANSWER--HALF AN HOUR AGO...AND #20--Nighty night....no blue pills tonight... woo hoo!!!!

21. Do you prefer sex with the lights on, or the lights off?
No preference….except if the lights are on…that they aren’t blindingly bright. So, if the lights are on…I prefer that they be dimmed/soft.

22. What's your favorite "mood" music?
“Happy” classical….mellow.

23. Do you consider lingerie a waste of time?
Depends on the playmate…if he likes them…then no…and if he doesn’t care…then it doesn’t matter. I personally don’t care, but I do have them.

24. What's more important, good character or good physical assets?
Good character…cuz you know he’s going to treat you right.

25. How many "toys" do you own?
3 vibrators, 1 vibrating butt plug, 2 cock rings, double headed dildo, 1 really big dildo… does porn count? Couple of DVD’s…(bi-male…no women….just men).
•Forgot to mention….anal beads… 2 pairs.

26. Where's the location you'd most like to have a sexual encounter that you haven't experienced already?
Under water fall….in a secluded cove….in some beautiful tropical wonderland.

•*** I like "sj's" answer...he's hot... so is Nicolas Cage... that's it... I've changed my mind.... nope wait... Russell Crowe..., oooooh...damn...theres just so many of 'em... Dammit... ***

27. Have you ever been inside a strip club?
No, I never have…wondered about it though…. Oh, wait… yes; I have too….long, long time ago…except it was to watch male dancers.

28. Have you ever had sex with someone just because you needed it badly, not because you had any real interest in the person?
**sighs long and heavy **yes, yes….I have....but it was a mutual thing, so... it is what it is.

29. Are you a giver or receiver?
Both…..openly and honestly...unless I realize that my partner isn’t giving ….then I back off of the giving to a certain degree, not totally...but. If he isn't, then I ain't either... HE also doesn’t get to come back....or get the chance to become special.

30. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience sex through the eyes of the opposite sex? Yes….in fact… last night… (See question#3 and 20 revised)….at one point I asked my buddy…what is it like, what’s going on inside his mind when he does this or that…etc… And that’s all I’m ‘sayin bout that there… (FYI--that one...very giving)...

31. What's your favorite carnival food?
Corn dogs…. With lots of mustard. Cotton candy is a close 2nd.

32. Like rollercoaster’s?
I’ve never been on one…because it’s just to scary for me, so no.

33. Have you ever attempted a bungee-jump?

34. What color is the vehicle you drive most often?

35. Is your mailbox attached to the front of your residence, at the end of your driveway, or across the street?
End of my driveway/in front of my house.

36. How many pets do you have?
Does the stray cat that had kittens in my back yard behind my shed count?

37. How many children?
One daughter…but I think I miscarried twice.

38. Do you like to fish?
Yes…but I don’t like baiting the hook… yes I’m a sissy.

39. Glass half empty or half full?

40. When's the last time you did something spontaneous and ridiculously fun?
2 hrs ago… **giggle** (now I need to revise # 3 and 20 again)

41. Ever been to the Smithsonian?
42. Favorite actor?
Old movies: Gregory Peck
New movies: Mel Gibson/Nicolas Cage….tie

43. Favorite actress?
Old movies: Doris Day
New movies: Demi Moore/Meg Ryan…tie

44. What type cheese do you prefer?

45. When's the last time you donated blood or plasma? (Glares)
2 years ago….and I fainted because I got up too fast.

46. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Pepsi and cigarettes….

47. What's your favorite gemstone?

48. What's the last historical place you visited?
Disneyland…does that count?

49. How many operable TV’s are in your house?
2…each has DVD/VCR hooked up also.

50. What's your version of road rage...?
(a) The finger
(b) The horn
(c) Shouting obscenities
(d) Checking the safety on your gun concealed under the seat when you run the idiot off the road.
(e) All of the above?
A, B and C…..cuz I don’t have a gun under the seat….not that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind.

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Hi...Tom.... all of the questions have links on Definite Troubles blog page. I tried to get them to link from my blog, but couldn't. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but did cause one to stop and think/remember. It was fun. Hope you give it a try. slide

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