a pipe on the dashboard.  

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1/6/2006 1:02 am

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a pipe on the dashboard.

We parked the car at local park, and brought out our buds. A total of 3 ounces of columbian golds, bermese, cali skunk, and bhuddas sister. All organic, all humboldt. We chose the best pipe for the occasion and packed a party bowl with the intentions of a hotbox. After a few bowls, the girl and I were stoned out of our minds. We suffocated in the smoke for about 20 minutes. She promptly started the car, rolled down the windows, and drove away as a narc car passed us by. We drove around listening to Robbin the Hood, by sublime, for about an hour. Then we went back to her neighbhorhood, a really high end joint. The houses were all perfectly clean, it tripped me out. We parked the car near a deserted neighborhood park, and we toked another bowl. She turned the stereo up so we could hear the beatles. She moved out of her bucket seat and into the back, where she looked at me with a planned smile on her face. I crawled into the back and sat beside her, and she immediately began to run her fingers through my dreads. A fair amount of small talk occurred before she asked me casually:

'can i smell your hair, i always wanted to know if dreads were drity?'

I nodded affirmatively, and leaned my head a little bit toward her. She ran her fingers through my dreads again, and after giving my hair a quick approval, she caressed my neck with her lips. She let go softly as i turned to look at her. Her eyes were still closed lightly, her bottom lip still out a bit. I moved in for the kiss, and i ran my fingers over her midsection, working my way to the bottom of her shirt. I ran my index and forefinger down to her waist line, and i played with the string on her thong. She was much more to the point than i was, she unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down to her knees, her thong quickly followed suit, as my tongue lapped over her labia. Soon, i put my hands to use, and pulled back the clitoral hood. As i licked her clit, the warm wetness spread all over her vagina, so i pushed my middle finger against the pressure of her tight vaginal walls, and into her pussy. She started making little cries of pleasure, as i put another finger in, my tongue still lapping over her now slightly enlarged clit. After getting my midle and ring fingers into her small pink pussy, i began moving them around to open her up a bit. As it loosened, i began pushing in and out harder, and faster. Her breathing was more exhausted, her small breasts (still tucked neatly in her shirt) seemed to grow and wither away again with each breath. Her legs began to shake, and she was now pulling hard on my dreadlocks. She pulled my head up to her to kiss her. She stopped my hand from doing anymore at the moment, and she quickly pulled her pants up. She kissed me a few times, and then told me to sit shotgun. I crawled up front, and she followed behind me. She sat on my lap, and began to kiss me again, her warm soft tongue moving over mine. Her hips began to move back and forth, and her hand was moving over my body. Her other arm was wrapped around my shoulders. She moved her ass back and slid her hand palm down into my pants. She started to softly squeeze on my cock, making it erect as she did so. She pulled her hand out and removed her arm from my shoulders, then she looked down at my pants a small smile stretching across her face. She moved both hands down to my crotch, and unzipped my pants. She slid her hand down to the side of the seat, and pulled the lever to make the seat slide back a bit. She moved back, and down, onto her knees on the floormat. She put her hands back on my crotch and pulled out my penis. She gripped my penis firmly in her hand, and began to move it up and down, up and down. Suddenly, she moved her head swiftly over my cock, and took it into her mouth, her tongue swirling perfectly over the head of my penis. She moved her head up and down, and around, and back onto my penis. I ran my fingers through her hair, I didnt need to move her head up and down, she found a groove I liked. I moved her dyed black hair out of her face and she made eye contact with me as she was sucking my dick. For some reason or another, this made it feel ten times better. i tilted my head back and closed my eyes, then i looked forward and opened my eyes as i felt it coming. She must've known it because she sped the pace up and then stopped with the head just inside her mouth. I felt the temperature of her mouth rise as my cum shot and flowed in her mouth. She apparently had no problem with swallowing, perhaps its an easier clean up for her. As i came, i looked forward and i noticed the pipe was still on the dashboard, and there was still some pot inside it.

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