Virgin Sex - Is there anything funnier than your first time?  

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5/10/2005 12:02 pm

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Virgin Sex - Is there anything funnier than your first time?

Day Two of my Bloggin' Experience

Ok...first things first...I have got the change the music I am listening to (Loverboy)...There, that is better...(R.E.M.)

I'm a bit hyper today...shoot...I've gotten two comments on my previous posting...that's more than any responses to my account since I've joined!

Can you blame me????? I think I will pick a topic to talk about. Hmmm....topic...topic...topic...aha!

Today's topic is Losing My Virginity.

Ok...everyone's story time! C’mon...gather round...gather round...ssshhh...okay let's begin...


I was 18 when I lost my virginity. It was on April Fools Day, 1989 (no seriously, I’m not kidding…

My girlfriend at the time was hot! She was a 34B and she loved to wear bra's that snapped in the front (so did ...(uh...liked her wearing bras with the snaps in the front) She had long brown hair and a very petite, slim body. No, this isn't a fantasy girl, she was real. Very real. She watched her weight and exercised daily (she'd do a quick work-out and then jog a mile or two after school). She played flute with the High School Band and was on the Cross Country team. Her grades were ok…a lot better than mine. Almost a full grade higher. So yes, she was intelligent too. Good looks and smart ‒ what more could a guy ask for?

We were both very into each other and the most amazing thing was...we were BOTH virgins. Not many people can say THAT about their first time.

Now think about this. We were both virgins, and neither one of us had a good idea how it was done. All we knew was that Tab A went into Slot B...somehow.

Now, don't get me wrong, I wasn't a complete moron, I had been jerking myself into euphoric bliss since I was 14 (after I had the opportunity to watch a porn flick - albeit without parental permission. But then again, what parent would give their child permission?) I would get permission when I was older. My father owned a video store that rented adult films as well. He allowed myself and my stepbrother to pick out one film to watch. He then explained things to us while we watched. Sex education? Yeah, I guess you could call it that. A lot more interesting than what they showed in school, that was for sure.)

My girlfriend was a bit younger than I was and had been raised by her grandmother, who was about 80 at the time, so her knowledge of all things sex came from her friends at school. Not everything she knew was correct, but it’s not like I knew either. We were the blind leading the blind on this venture.

Anyways, we had tried several times prior to this date to get it to work but just couldn't manage it. Thinking back on it, there were several reasons we couldn't. The first was the fact that neither one of us could relax. I have discovered over the years that when a woman is tense or nervous, they tend to clamp up a bit. This is especially true with first timers (I've had two virgins in my short time on this earth…I plan on living to be 150).
I too, was nervous. I had no problems with getting it up, and I had no problems with premature ejaculation, but after trying to ram the dang thing into her crouch a few times, I was sore and frustrated. Sometimes she would offer to jerk me off. Like I would say no to that!
***Just a quick note. The idea of going down on a girl was foreign to me at this time. Though we tried it, I don't think I was doing it correctly (and can do it incorrectly!) It didn't do much for her, and I blame myself on that part. It wasn’t until later that I found a woman to “teach” me how it’s done. My “teacher” also taught me patience as well. Thanks “Teach” wherever you are!***

I think too that maybe it was our environment as well:
We tried in her room (her grandmother came home unexpected).
We tried in her basement (you should have heard our excuse when her grandmother learned we were in the basement ‒ “Uh…we heard a noise? Thought maybe there was a leak? Mice?”.
We tried outdoors, during the day, behind her house (somewhere in West Michigan, some moo-cow is having a good laugh).
We tried in my dad's van parked on a deserted road (someone forgot to tell those little punks that the road was supposed to be deserted).
We tried in my basement (forgot to tell my buddies to come over after she left…not before).
We tried in my bathroom (a bit cramped).
We tried in my hot tub (lets hear it for bubbles…ya ever try putting your swim trunks back on while talking to your step-mother?)
We tried in the backseat of my stepbrother's car (maybe I shouldn’t have accepted his offer to drive ‒ he didn’t have his license yet).
We tried it at a movie theater (it wasn’t until my third viewing that I actually watched Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure…I was too busy trying to have an adventure of my own!).
We even tried at her church (I am not sacrilegious, but dammit I was horny and couldn't keep my hands off of her! If only the Deacon hadn’t happened by…

I am no monster. I was young, dumb and full of cum. I was THIS close to getting it and it was driving me nuts. She was getting pretty nuts too. We'd fool around on the back of the bus on the way home from school (Betty, our bus driver put a quick stop to that...)
She tried taking relaxing bath's before sneaking out to meet with me. She tried playing with herself (stretching herself as she called it). I tried everything that I knew (which wasn't much) to get her worked up and yet relax her at the same time. We were getting nowhere...and I was about to explode!

Phew...ok...this story teller needs to take a break. I've got to whet my whistle.
I'll finish this up later...

Hey...anyone know where the exit is?

Brownjohn25 36M
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7/12/2005 11:09 am

Boy oh boy....I had my first cum when I was 16 in my maid's mouth. It sounds far fetched but out Filipino maid is whoin I learned all the tricks of satisfying a woman,,,from a tender age of 16. I was 18 when she left the country...and my mom never knew why I cried when she left...

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