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skychicken692 48M
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8/20/2006 1:52 pm
this message sponsered by the local ball busters union

When you need a job done fast, they can really get things crackin'. this weekend was a pretty good weekend. Friday night a friend whom I get some from came over. She has been laid off now for about a month or two. like normal she was a little upset a little horny a little lonely. It is getting close to the one year anniversy of the death of her Hmmm oldest daughter she would have been 18 this year I think. that has to be tough. plus she just broke up with some guy he tried to control her. anyway I got a knock on the window about 12:30 1am rushed out of bed and led her back to the bedroom. and we spent several hours getting busy chatting napping and getting busy. although it kinda made me lazy the rest of the weekend. who can aruge with spending 8 hrs in bed with someone you care about and enjoy shame the days of 8hrs of sex ummm never happened,,,are long gone. feeling good about the being able to rise to the occasion time and time again. the last round was just a slow steady fuck, me kissing her gazing into her eyes. we definatly had a moment. Too bad I did not have a kinky friends with benefits. would love to put those images to bed for at least a little while. kept having to remind myself not to grab her by the hair. don't tie her up. ect. also have to make note to self to ease up on the masterbation. she does have a habit of showing up on nights that I have just flogged the bishiop. maybe if she showed up during the daylight hours lol. oh well here is to hours in bed. enjoying all kinds of sex.

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