strange love strange love for strange times.  

skychicken692 48M
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7/23/2006 6:17 pm
strange love strange love for strange times.

Hmm so much to say guess I sould start out by saying wow I can't believe how many people drop by my corner of cyberspace. My other blog which gets more attention by me really does not get much traffic. One thought has come to my attention tonight. I really do not remember the last time someone touched me. I am not rupugnate or anything like that I am your avg. guy. either way that just seems odd. sterile even. Still don't understand why we complicate this thing called life. talked to my friend darlene she shows up when things go wrong and she is lonely. I should hang out with her. It has been awhile since I have hung out with her. I am thinking that maybe I should go to the cell block this comming weekend grow a pair flirt with whom ever and just see what happens. I know that the present system is not getting me anywhere. there is a cat in heat bawling is lil' ass of at least im not the only one ok she might be getting busy under my window. danm even the stray cats are getting more action than me. funny in a weird way cat's are into s&m really read about how fluff gets it on. spurs on their peckers biting ect. lol well this got me no where lol more fodder for the heap.

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