sore and wet for all the wrong reasons  

skychicken692 48M
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8/28/2006 1:41 pm
sore and wet for all the wrong reasons

Yesterday I had to help a friend move. let's start off with the fact that it rained all day. so we moved funiture for about 5 hours solid in the rain. I did have a few gripes one the friends I helped move did not help as much as they could and they were very unorganized. I understand that my buddy is out of shape and it was tough but he disapeared for a lot of the time. that left me and my brother. the other was my friends neighbor was very annoying and while me and my borther were trying to load up things she kept on trying to tell us how to do it and ragging on men. at one point there was only one piece of finiture left to move and I started to clear it off and she started talking about don't put that there leave it on the futon we have this orginized. men know nothing about common sense. I almost said look bitch shut up and move the stuff yourself than. but i was there for my friend not her. I just walked away and told my friend guy to tear it apart. I have know guy and tanja for ages. they are very dear to me but that was a trying day. Sat. I took a 7 mile walk. on the rails to trails. my Ideal walk would be me and a attractive lady walking the path me taking he up along side the Mtn. choosing a nice wide tree prop he up aginst it and take her right there. tidy up and walk to a place for lunch. walk back home holding hands flirting checking out the scenery looking for more wide trees take said lady strip her down drag her into the shower and rub her down making her feel warm and fuzzy. build a campfire out back huddle up together roast marshmellows. drink wine. escort her to the bedroom and see If I can't make her as gooey inside as the marshmellow were.

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