skychicken692 48M
14 posts
8/11/2006 3:23 pm

a while back a blog I read talked about things people should not have in their pictures. I have this to add Man boobies are not sexy. was crusing the blogs and seen a ummmm.....chest shot of this dude and gross.....I wonder what can us middle aged dudes do that do not have vin disel bodies do to be a little more sexy to the ladies cos so far I have learnded pecker shots are considered gross. thought about maybe me in a t-shirt with my man hood poking out not so overt but still... there are so many diffrent ways women can do sexy and we are just kinda for the most part looking better with clothes on which in turn is kinda boring. hmm maybe shaving a heart in my chest hair would be sexy lol. right now just happy I do not have man boobies. one small victory for moi. just wish I had abs lol

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