X-Lovers on Alcohol  

skullous 35M
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6/24/2006 2:15 am
X-Lovers on Alcohol

She's drunk.Again.
She's kissing me. Again.
She's the only thing I ever loved beside my music. She says I'm the only one she felt this way about.
One night is all we get everytime she travels back home.
And When tomorrow comes, it's like yesterday never happened.
I'm sick. I'm tired.
So I took the decision of never seeing each other ever again.
And I don't know what hurts more.

I want to forget how sweet her lips taste after an "I love you"
I want to forget the blissful waters of our ocean all around us.
I want to forget what heaven feels like everytime we made love.
Is it so wrong to want to live again?

I want to forget you.

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