The blogging incident  

skullous 35M
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3/2/2006 4:10 pm

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6/24/2006 1:59 am

The blogging incident

Episode one: Trail of blogs

At the beginning of all things, comes the definintion of the things in question. For when the definition of things is revealed, things are no longer things; they become specific things. Names.
Anything, when properly said, with the right word arrangement, can sound like philosophy. The philosophy of nonsense. Like an opera for instance. You can clearly see that the woman is singing (hell, she fills half the stage and your ears are bleeding) but it all seems like a bunch of vowels held together by deferlating "r"s.

Ok, ok why am I doing this you ask? Because I spent a whole evening listening to someone who insisted on letting me know what the solution to the political crisis here, in Lebanon, was although i very unsubtly implied that I had a headache, that I was in no mood, & that I really had a lot of work to do, if he'd excuse me. -I believe my exact words were "I have a headache, I'm not in the mood, & I really have a lot of work to do, if you'd excuse me." But he didn't.

I guess he's one of those ppl who love to hear the sound of their own voice talking about nothing and everything. It doesn't matter whether what they're saying is a quote from "Mein Kampf", The Bible, or the solution to the political crisis in their beloved home country, as long as they're saying it. Your part of the conversation would be limited to series of "yes", "uh-uh"s, "really?"s & the ironic (and my personal favorite) "I didn't know that"s.
They are the Bill Gates of conversation.

Phew! That's a load off my chest!
Sorry you had to see this
Won't happen again I promise!

demonicsexkitten 41F
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3/16/2006 2:11 am

sorry for your experience.

but the great thing about ppl who talk just to hear their own voice... you can pretty much ignore them. you don't even have to pay one bit of attention to get the "yes" "uh-uh's" and "really?'s" into their proper place.

Though sometimes it backfires. That's how i got my first b/f. I "politely" (ok: not so) ignored him for 2 days of him sitting beside me and talking. the "yes" "uh-huh" "oh really?" "wow's" all in place while staring out the window and wishing desperately he'd go away so i could continue reading the book in my hand (reading while he was talking would have been too obvious". He finally said "Would you stop ignoring me???". totally embarressed me. so we started talking. became friends, and later we dated for a while. Probably still friends, at least i consider him such, though we've not talked in about 7 years.

skullous 35M
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5/15/2006 10:37 pm

Hehe That was so long ago...
Sorry I'm not checking in here much often.
I'm just glad I got a comment Yay!
The worst part is these ppl seem to increase over time (i guess they're exponential or sthg.)

As for your dating aproach -- I think ppl would want sthg more if its challenging (I know I do) So if someone ignores them They'll try to find out why, and double-their efforts which would lead them to be more and more interested in that person. No?

So what book were you reading?

skullous 35M
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5/15/2006 10:40 pm

Hey the :+P here is different than the one! This one's just rude! hehe

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