Would Have, should have, could have  

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Would Have, should have, could have

How many times in life have you made a decision that seemed like a good idea at the time that later... well you know the saying hindsight is 20/20. LOL
I was chatting on IM with a friend Jo, she was very pissed at me for getting involved with my wife so soon after my divorce. She said no matter how much I thought I was in love it was to soon and that I regret the decision. She did have a point in some areas but in others I disagree.
Here I am blogging on an adult site pouring out my confusion and deep dark secrets to perfect strangers. What was I thinking?!
Dirks Bentley did a great county song “What was I thinking” a few years ago, and I bet there are many men that can relate to doing something totally insane our out of character for a woman.
So why am I here? That was a question posed to me by another woman who blogs on this site.
I’ve thought about it and I guess it comes down to I love women, in all their varieties, shapes and forms. I like the laugh, the smile the smell, flirting hugging, kissing, talking and above all making love, that intimate act that warms the heart and loins.
Can you have a love of your life and not be monogamous? I guess that is the question. I believe that you can have many relationships in our life. Each person you meet and develop a relationship with each of those relationships can progress to different levels at different times in your life. I have a girlfriend that I was intimate with for several months, the sex was great but we moved away from sex but have kept a strong friendship and love.
She is one of those friends that I know that if I were in trouble, stuck or in a jam she’d move heaven and earth to help me out, as I would with her.
So once again we are back to the central question, can you be in love/relationship/married to someone and still have desires for another member of the opposite sex?
I believe that we can and that is why I’m here. I would love to be in a swinging relationship with my spouse and share each other and be free to enjoy ourselves with each other and others. So how do I get us there? Or did I screw up and should I have found a woman on this site that is open to that idea first?! Ah all this is enough to drive a person crazy, but like Jimmy Buffet said “if we weren’t all crazy we would go insane.”

Until my next ramblings enjoy a glass of scotch and a Montecristo on me!


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