Donne-moi un peu de temps.  

skandalouz3000 47F
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8/12/2006 1:50 pm
Donne-moi un peu de temps.

Its fun only when you dont much think of someone.
Once you started doing it, it changes to a pain.

One of the tips how to keep it longer,
dont tell them anything they want to hear.
And cover your ears when they say something you want to hear.

Everything has their proper balance,
always not enough is better than too much.
And how to end is more important than how to start.

Know what, my friend?
They dont think about you even as 1/100 of you doing about them.
When you care about them, they might be laughing at some comedy show.
When you cry for them, they might be being with someone in bed.
Isnt it just ridiculous?

Words could be an art.
They could be a comfy blanket.
But also could be a weapon that can kill you easily, you know.
Even that sweet smile on their faces, which you have seen and enjoyed the last time,
how could you tell if it was true or false?

My dear, all I wish now, is...

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