A little frog says...  

skandalouz3000 47F
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7/23/2006 2:36 am
A little frog says...

I cant fly, uh wish I could....although I'm scared of the height.
I cant run, wish I could...although I dont have long legs.

Jumping jumping jumping, but I will never ever be able to bounce, get out of this little world.
No, I am not going to, even if I could.
Afterall I am so comfy and happy to be here.
It doesnt mean I have never thought of the outer space.

I can see how blue the sky is, but never seen how wide it is.
I can hear what you say, but never knew how you really feel.

...Je suis a cote de ses pompes.

A tiny nameless frog in a well, likes talking about the ocean.

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