Assessment of this site from personal experience  

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1/17/2006 6:48 am

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Assessment of this site from personal experience

Well it has been nearly 5 months now and I must say I have more dick pictures than dates. It is beyond me why some men want to send you a dick pic and nothing else happens. I have discovered that I like looking at those pictures and playing detective trying to figure out what the man looks like. So far I know I need to keep my day job as I have not been right once. Another thing I have discovered is when a man on this site ask you how many people you have meet, a lie is more appropriate than the truth. The Black men I have meet on here have double standards! So my standard answer is the one I gave before I got married. How many men have you had sex with? Answer 2( which is short for too many by your standards and not enough by mine). My new answer for 2006 is a simple word......why?
Before Christmas, I thought I had lost my sex drive so I went out and bought hundreds of dollars of pills, lotions and erotic books. Turns out it was not me but the men I was having sex with......boring. Stick a dick in and bang, bang bang might be exciting in the forest perserves behind a tree or leaning over a picnic table but not in a cheap motel or expensive one for that matter.
I meet a man two weeks ago. We had lunch and he actually went shopping with me and then we sat and talked in his car for a while in front of a police station. Next thing I knew my clothes were off and he was all over me. My Catholic school upbringing and a new found sense of control kicked in and I was able to get my clothes back on but wow. A double wow to this past Sunday morning and afternoon as well in the "no tell motel." We fucked in the shower, the bed the chair
and then did a repeat. Hands, tongue and plenty of dick......who could ask for more!!!! Me!! as today is Tuesday and he is at the door....bye

micxoxbig 59M

2/11/2006 2:18 pm

Good for you...I will watch for your updates...good luck!

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