Wonderful night last night  

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12/27/2005 6:52 am

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Wonderful night last night

(Originally posted July 2005)

She recently shaved her pussy entirely bald, and I cannot get over how wonderful it feels. I have always loved to lick her, and now that she's shaved I'm enjoying alternating between licking her clitoris to licking and sucking her labia. The sight of it is stunning - I find myself just rubbing and staring at her pussy, moving the lips with my thumb, rubbing her clitoris, watching as it grows red and flushed. It's an enormous turn-on for me.

Last night, though not a cam night for the two of us, was particularly fun. I had been camming alone while she was taking a break and reading. When she came back, she wanted some alone time in bed - just the two of us, no audience or cameras. Started by rubbing her back, her breasts, her stomach, kissing her mouth and holding her while running my free hand over her body. I was already excited from camming, so could barely keep myself away from her pussy, and I didn't for long. I really enjoy licking her for a very long time, and I did. Here's the arc of this session of oral: Started with long, slow licks up and down her slit, flattening my tongue to cover as much of her as I could. Then, once she was dripping wet, I switched to flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue, reaching my tongue out to her or pursing my lips, sucking her clit into my mouth, and flicking it while suckling gently. She was breathing heavily, and she let out a gasp when I reached both hands up to cup her breasts. I continued licking while my fingers flicked, pinched and pulled her nipples. She started moaning, louder and louder, rocking her hips in rhythm, pressing herself into my mouth and finding her rhythm. And she rode that rhythm slowly and steadily, building without ever rushing. When she came, she screamed out and sat bolt upright, burying my face in her pussy and stomach, trapping my head in place with her thighs. I held my tongue still and flat against her, feeling her pulse ever so slightly, keeping on a gentle pressure until she stopped cumming. She laid back slowly and started giggling. God how I love to make her cum.

We lay there together, me rubbing her, her recovering, for a while. When she turned her attention to me it had been long enough since she'd cum that I had grown soft. She liked that, because she could take almost all of me into her mouth. That didn't last long, of course, and soon she had me very hard. I told her how much I wanted to feel her shaved pussy on my cock. She laid back and held her lips open while I entered her. She was wet, warm, and very tight from her orgasm. She wrapped her legs around me, we kissed and licked each other's mouths and found our rhythm. I love to bend my body so that I can lick her breasts while I'm fucking her - that position also presses my abdomen against her clit, which she likes quite a bit. Our tempo increased, and as I was close to cumming we decided I was going to cum on her tits. I pulled out, leapt up to her chest, and she wrapped her hands around me - one on my cock, which was slick with her honey, and one around my balls, pulling them taut. When I came, I came everywhere and a lot. I shot up over her shoulder and into her hair, I came across her cheek, and I came all over her neck and chest. This time we were both giggling.

Given my choice of doing just about anything in the world, I think I'd have sex with my wife. Lucky man, indeed.

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