Infatuated with sex, love to watch, do not like "porn"  

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12/27/2005 6:46 am

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Infatuated with sex, love to watch, do not like "porn"

(Originally posted July 2005)

So I'll come out and say that we do not like porn. For a couple that spends so much of their time having sex in front of others, taking pictures of ourselves in a variety of sexual situations, and even making video clips of ourselves having sex, that probably sounds nonsensical...but it is absolutely true. We do not like what most people would call "porn."

In contrast, we love watching sex. We absolutely get off on watching others get naked, masturbate, suck, finger, and fuck each other. We are cam2cam freaks and can barely get enough. We're probably also cam2cam sluts - we're always up for fucking for a hot couple we've just met. Talked about it over the weekend and we're even ready to try sex in the same room if we can find the right people.

So we don't hate watching -- what we hate is sex with no emotional connection. Sex that is just going through the motions, where the moans are faked, the participants don't really care (about the sex or one another's pleasure), and the set-up is embarrassingly dim-witted. That's what we see in packaged pornography, and while it used to titillate, it now just turns us off.

That's why we love sites like this one and redclouds (actually, like a lot of what is on the Proadult network). Amateur sex is extremely hot. Real people, really having fun and experimenting. Real couples who are getting to know one another and are developing more and more intense sexual relationships. That's good sex - and we love to watch.

So keep it real, everybody, and keep it hot.

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