Vindication (or "you really like me")  

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7/10/2005 12:12 am

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Vindication (or "you really like me")

"I need vindication" I informed my wife. It was about 10 p.m. on Saturday night, and I wanted to go on cam. We'd been on cam the previous evening, but it hadn't worked out. Actually, it had been a severe disappointment, and I wanted to try it again.

Everything had been going very well Friday night. She was the center of attention (naked, how could she not be), hundreds were watching her, and I was just off cam chatting with a few couples on our behalf. Then, at last, the time came for me to hop on cam as well. As soon as I entered the frame, our numbers began dropping. I mean, plumetting. We shed 100 viewers in just a few minutes. An ego brusier? Absolutely. However, we realized that what had really caused the apparent lack of interest was the fact that we had been dropped from the list of broadcasting cams. No one could find us on AdultFriendFinder, so we weren't part of the market of cams any more (anyone have any idea why this happens?). Reticent to restart and invest in rebuilding an audience, we just shut off and spent the rest of the evening off cam.

Well, in the spirit of "get back on that horse and ride it," I talked my wife into camming again tonight. And, we ran into the same problem. At around 450 viewers, our numbers started to drop. Sure enough, we reloaded the page listing couples on cam, and we were no longer there. So, we restarted. About 10 minutes later, my wife was sucking and licking me in front of 700 viewers. By the time she had me cum on her tits and neck, we were at 715.

Now that's vindicating. If you were watching, hope you enjoyed. It meant a lot to me

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