Homecomings are so fun  

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8/5/2005 8:15 am

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Homecomings are so fun

She's back! Yay! My wife just got back from a trip to Hawaii. She had been gone since Friday, came back late Wednesday evening, and I had almost worn myself out camming solo while she was away (*grin*). We waited until Thursday night for sex - she was tired after flying from Hawaii to San Francisco, so we spent Wednesday night just catching up and relaxing.

Thursday night was amazing - you have no idea how much I missed her body. She has such wonderful skin, amazing curves, and is so incredibly responsive to touching. After six days of not being touched, her nipples were so sensitive that I thought I was going to make her cum merely by flicking them with my tongue. But she held out, thankfully, and we kissed and caressed and licked and stroked as we got in sync with each other's bodies again. As she grew more relaxed from the gentle touching, I leaned down between her legs to eat her sweet, shaved pussy. The moment I put my mouth on her, she started moaning as though she was about to cum. Even she was surprised at how highly-aroused she was and told me she didn't know if this was going to be quick or take the better part of half an hour. I was hoping to make it last (I adore licking her), so I teased her a bit. But it seemed that no matter how slowly or how lightly I licked that she kept moaning with the same just-on-the-edge intensity. So I settled in, closed my mouth over her smooth lips, reached up to play with her nipples, and followed the rhythm of her hips as she fell into a beat, moaning and panting louder and louder. I licked and sucked and petted and pinched for only a few minutes before her orgasm swelled within her. When she slipped over the edge, she arched her back and cried out, offering her clit to my mouth. Moaning in waves she came and came, six days of pent-up orgasm flowing from her over my tongue and into my mouth. At last she collapsed, and I crawled up her sensitive body, lips wet with her juices, making her shiver whenever I kissed her skin.

Within a few minutes, she wanted to play with me. She took me into her mouth, which felt so amazing I could barely stand it, but I had my heart set on feeling her from deep inside. She laid me back and mounted me. She was dripping wet, and was warm and tight around my cock. I moved her up high on my hips so that I could thrust hard without hurting her, and we immediately picked up a very fast pace - faster than I think we ever have. We were rocking like we were about to cum, and we kept at this pace as I let my orgasm build. Normally we couldn't sustain such a hard driving pace for long, but for some reason this night it seemed like we could fuck hard and fast forever. Her breasts were bouncing more vigorously than I'd ever seen them bounce, and she had a quiet look of concentration on her face. Just as I thought she was going to ask me to stop (she had already cum, so I was afraid this was too much stimulation), she squinted her eyes and said my favorite words: "I think you're going to make me cum again." That did it. I stretched my head up from the pillow, took her left breast in my lips, and bucked under her as she came again. Almost immediately she lept off of me and lay alongside me, kissed my mouth, grabbed my cock, and stroked it hard and fast. I was slick in her hand as she sucked my tongue and moaned into my mouth. And I came. Everywhere. I came so hard I shot up past my own shoulder, up her arm, onto her breasts. I even somehow came down onto our legs(!). She licked cum off my nipple and eased down the tempo of stroking me until, at last, she came to a stop. And we lay there, covered in cum, sated and laughing and happy.

Needless to say, it is great to have her home.

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