ok, yet another post  

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9/6/2005 3:54 am

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ok, yet another post

since i had at least a couple of people look at my post last time, i thought the least i could do is another post that wasnt addressed to one person in particular. so this one is an open-ended that i would really like some responses on: have you ever been fucking a person with all the lights either off or way down low, you start picturing another person, and it actually makes the sex better?

i didnt say makes you get off harder. i didnt say makes you come quicker. i mean, actually makes fucking better. as if the person if actually preforming beoynd their regular abilities. has this happened to anyone else? honestly, it turned me on even more, knowing that sex is less about what someone is actually doing and more about what and how you percieve it. responses or comments?

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