its a  

sirus93 29M
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5/14/2006 11:53 pm
its a

its a bird its a plane its a bum its a rocket its a gun its a bum riding a rocket while shooting the air, wtf, nowonder i died, k well in life of all existence, do u know the truth, i seen aliens, noone will understand or comprehend the truth, why,why,help me, help me, help me, what was that, oh no its coming for us, only death can show u the truth, may u live in the land of the living till death shows u the new land and noone there can leave like they did in the first land, for the damned stay damned. you read this, well maybe u want to talk, msg me somehow someway, i'll make time, no wait don't leave me here alone, k well i don't think he is breathing, k he's not breathing, ummm........lets go this way and hope he doesn't go that way.

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