A long swim up stream  

sirsenormister 46M
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3/18/2006 12:37 pm
A long swim up stream

I've got profiles on a few dating sites. This is my only "adult" foray.

So I've been looking around for a while ... of course I was first impressed by all the pictures of women and the crotches. Then I realized ... I would rather see more pretty faces than eager crotches.

Slowly but surely, it sunk in ... just another dating site that is great for women, tough for guys... 12 guys to ever 1 woman .. With every super-sexy and super-hot woman I saw, I saw her network of guys. Funny thing was, almost all the guys said they wanted to *meet* her, not that they met her. And as my gaze ventured to more realistic female companionship ... I noticed that the guys in the networks were still clones of each other. Pictures of guys with decent abs and their cocks. All saying "I can't wait to fuck her" or something similar. (For a straight guy ... this site has a lot of cock weed through just to meet women).

Can a man with my height, my shy nature and my height-to-weight ratio beat the 12 to 1 guy odds and actually meet a decent woman who has an open mind, a desire for physical companionship, and isn't all that interested in the usual suspects of swinging cocks? I'm pretty sure that the answer for this site is likely no.

Being an optimist (or at least trying to be one) I've decided to give the usual concept of AdultFriendFinder the middle finger and live my own way. Getting laid be damned. I'm just going to be myself, ignore the pictures of abs and cocks and just try to talk to women from all over, with different looks, styles and attitudes, and just see if any of them are actually sexy ... both inside and out.

In between a few status updates ... I might share what it's like in my often demented mind. I'm not at all a "swinger" in the sense that people here use, but I've traveled a bit and I've seen and done plenty.

So far ... I've sent a few emails. When I'm bored, I'll send a few more.

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