Pinoy Sex Story Chapter 3  

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Pinoy Sex Story Chapter 3

I leaned over the trunk from the roadside and moaned as he lifted up my
dress and slipped back inside me. He was totally out of control this
time..yelling and insulting me while he furiously pumped my still
cum-filled pussy. Saying how us catholic girls were really horny
bitches in real life and that we were just pretending to act innocent.
I came some more and he grabbed my hips so tightly i found bruises on
the the next day. He gave a one final, hard thrust into my pussy from
behind and i felt his hot semen shooting inside of me again. This time,
I didn't want any of it to waste so i quickly spun around and popped
his still-dribbling cock into my mouth and sucked him dry. After we
composed ourselves, we got back into the cab but this time i sat up
front where i could keep rubbing his cock thru his pants and he could
et a clear view of my finger teasing the lips of my pussy.
When we got to my gal's house he said i didn't need to pay him..I felt
so guilty I ended up giving him the best blowjob and deep throat i
could give in such a confined place and finally said farewell when he
drove off.
Inside my friend's place she told me she saw me giving the cabbie some
head and called me a slut. I lay back on her bed and quickly touched my
self between my legs. That's when we discovered I had left my thong
somewhere in that cab. Needless to say when my friend asked me to tell
her what happened in deatil, it got her so turned on and disgusted at
the same time that when we went into the shower, she got on her knees
and gave my pussy one the best tongue-lashings i've felt in a loong
time and surprisingly, she didn't seem to mind licking all that
so-called "disgusting, cabbie cum out of my pussy". The night went on
and on in her bedroom where we made each other scream and moan until
the next morning.

Hope you enjoy

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