What is a Soul Mate?  

sircookalot 51M
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1/16/2006 2:17 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What is a Soul Mate?

It's been a little while since I've been able to write as it seems some of my creativity comes only when I am hurting...but when my mind is clear the words just don't come out right....does anyone else feel this way?

Anyway, I thought I would inquire out there what everyone thinks about Soul mates.

Do you feel that there is only one true Soul Mate out there for you or that you can have several depending on the stage in your life you are at?

There is a story out there about long ago God split a heart in two and the two halves search through one lifetime to another to find the matching half.....to then spend eternity back together as one. But that search can take one lifetime or several until they find one another.

Then what happens if they meet but the circumstancs aren't right for them to be together....how many lifetimes afterwards do they need to spend finding each other again? Do they get that chance again........

Or are you a believer that as we go through life and our lives are at free points (where the mind and spirit are clear or pain) that we are able to find a compatible soul that we share things in common with that are also a good fit and become a mate for our soul?

I'm curious of the views and perspectives out there. For mostly I am a believer of the first philosophy (see poem on Imperial twins)(also hopeless romantic) I am also hoping that the second can be true as well.

I welcome your thoughts either way, thanks!

amb_lily 39F

1/16/2006 2:53 pm

Depending on who you talk to and which theory they choose a soul mate is many different things.

A soul mate as I had learned can be anyone, a teacher, friend or relative...the experience can last years or moments, can be wonderful or tragic. Over the years the term soul mate has been "socialized" and changed into meaning your one true love which is actually what is called your twin flame.

A twin flame is our one true match. It is believe that a twin flame is the other soul from which we were born, one soul divided into masculine and feminine beings and through many lifetimes twin flames search for one another. This is our one true mate.

As to what I believe, in the case of what you are referring to with what I had learned, I believe we have many loves which could be soul mates, but only one true love or twin flame, and in this lifetime we may never find him or her.

keithcancook 60M
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1/16/2006 2:55 pm

I believe that anything is possible where human relationships are concerned. That includes both your scenarios and anything else you can imagine.

I don't sweat it, or wonder if there is someone out there for me. I just don't think like that anymore. Perhaps I am still too jaded?

I take what comes, come what may.
If a soul mate appears, I'll not turn her away...

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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1/17/2006 6:19 pm


Just as there are different types of personalities an temperments, we human beings seem to gravitate toward one of four clearly identifiable relationship approach types. We can't help it. Whatever the factors that go into shaping our view of love from childhood through adulthood; we still find ourselves clearly manifesting the characteristics below.

The Romantic Soulmate ...

Seeks permanence and completeness in a loving, caring relationship.
Feels a stronger sense of self-identity resulting from the relationship which produces fulfillment.
Shares all aspects of life as expressions of togetherness from the mundane to the major.
Focuses on finding ideas and ways to enhance the intensity and quality of the relationship.

The Sharing Soulmate ...

Views sharing love and life with another as the best possible way to change and grow.
Senses completeness only when sharing self with another in a primary relationship.
Perceives sharing dreams, plans, and projects as the means of demonstrating love.
Sees intimate relationships as a way for two people to mutually improve and find purpose in their lives together.

The Constant Soulmate ...

Sees consistency, faithfulness, and loyalty as the finest expression to demonstrate love to another.
Values the other person's individuality by being available without feeling a need to always lead.
Focuses on refining the relationship which results in a greater sense of self-worth.
Emphasizes the importance of both being dependable in the context of the relationship.

The Independent Soulmate ...

Views a primary relationship as a partnership for each to help the other reach their full potential.
Accepts their mates as seperate individuals and need the same kind of acceptance for themselves.
Values his/her own autonomy and is sensitive to any hint of being controlled or coerced by others.
Enjoys the intensity and novelty of the experience of love.

Which one are you????

Purry {=}


Luvinlife2822 43F

1/20/2006 7:31 pm

We miss you sir! Are you having writers block??? What do you need to inspire you?????????

HBowt2 58F

2/13/2006 12:36 am

I know we have more than one soulmate....as Purry says in her comment..there are even different types....
I've met people in my life that I have a strong sense of 'knowing' and we have formed deep friendships.... I believe we are soulmates and hae know each other before.
But I'm still waiting to meet the one soulmate that you are talking about and wonder....will it be this time around?

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