Having some fun part 2, the Lonely Heart's Prayer  

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12/10/2005 8:11 am

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Having some fun part 2, the Lonely Heart's Prayer

The Lonely Hearts’s prayer

My Prayer, for my Earth Angel
Please send me someone to love
I Will love Only you (And only you alone), In our Love We will live in Paradise.
Nothing will come between us

Your kiss will be the Kiss of Life and I will Cherish the Day! I yearn for One Sweet Day!

Some say I am a Smooth Operator, looking for my Jezebel that lives in Nocturne. Is it a crime for us to live the Sweetest taboo, enjoying a Good time in Maria’s Bed? Our love won’t be a Bad love.

Through my father’s eyes, I live in a city of Blinding Lights and wear the Baddest boots. I was Born in the USA and while my name is not Daniel I used to be an American Soldier! And like Jesus I was an only son.

Will our love be reality or Fantasy? I hope you will Believe I Wanna Be the one to Sweep the Crumbs from your table. Always know my Love is stronger than my Pride.

I want to be your Hero and you feel you are Riding with the King of your heart. You’ll be my Whisky Girl, your name does not have to be Layla. Will you be coming to work Riding a downtown train, working when I say “I Love this Bar”!

I will Sacrifice and Help the Poor, as My Heart can’t tell you No. Why should you come when I call? Because you know I think you are So Beautiful and one day I will Marry You.

I want to experience Vertigo, as I have a Daydream Interlude. She’ll be so Sweet that I will feel like a Butterfly flying in reverse as My heart starts beating like a Hammer.

I’m looking for The One, among American Girls, my Boardwalk Angel, not from Algeria, Africa or Gamelan. Just don’t runaround like Sue.

Its now time for me to Ride, so Don’t Let the Sun go down on me
For I may get Lost in the Flood as..........

I am the Great Pretender.

It is amazing what you might put together when you see all your song titles you have accumlated on CDs and such. try to put you own story together and give it a try. Just like in part one, can you tell me how many song titls I've used? Just know the theme of the story is what I search for. thanks and have some fun.

keithcancook 60M
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12/22/2005 4:21 pm

LOL, I played around with some Beatles song titles awhile back in another blog. They have tons to choose from. You can really get quite creative with it.


(dang, I hope this doesn't post 2x)

sircookalot 51M
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1/6/2006 6:55 pm


it was interesting how it came together. Thanks for posting.

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