Expansion of Dates Gone Wrong, this went very very wrong  

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1/22/2006 6:05 am

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Expansion of Dates Gone Wrong, this went very very wrong

I was thinking the other day about dates gone wrong, maybe to continue to add more stories to my original post but then the memory of this one particular date deserved telling more and express how much of a legitimate scare it became. Have any of your dates almost die on you during the date? Well this one very well could have.

We had met through an internet site and exchanged emails before deciding to meet. She lived in CT and I in NY and had agreed to meet in Port Jefferson where the ferry from CT arrives and departs from.

We met and she was attractive, there was a mutual attraction- which we all hope for right? After a couple drinks and a light touch here and there as well as a light kiss we decided to head back to my place for a while. One thing I had learned about her in talking was that she was an insulin dependant diebetic. I told her I knew very little of it but learned enough to know ask before we left the bar if she had her levels ok from drinking, she had just gone to the bathroom before we left to give her blood levels a boost.

We went back to my place and one thing lead to another, a hot connection had formed- kissing at all the red lights- you know the deal. Anyway, we get into my bed and have some heated passionate sex for a while. Not to sound braggerdly, but she had had three orgasms while we had sex that afternoon. When we were finishing I went to get her some fruit and water from the frig and she remained in the bed. Here is where things turn very, very wrong!

When I return to my bed, she was just looking straight out, expressionless. When I offered her the plate and glass of water, she didn't respond. I tried talking to her but it seemed as if she was ignoring me or upset with me. I was starting to get angry until all of a sudden I noticed she was in a pool of sweat and then started convulsing. Knowing nothing about diebetics, I had no clue what to do but to call 911.

Here I have a naked woman in my bed, convulsing and my bed is soaked from her sweat, I pulled the sheet over her as the police and (thankfully female parametic) came into my apartment. The cops, asked me a few questions, for which I had no answers and the paramedic gave her some insulin. After about 10 minutes she had come through- the paramedic had explained that any further delay in calling could have resulted in her death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was having thoughts run through my head of I fucked this woman to death- gee I will never get a date now....... It was funny and scary all in the same.

You can imagine my date's embarrassment when she came back to consciousness in my bed naked, with two mail cops and a female paramedic looking over her...... all on a first date!

I guess orgasms and very rigorous sex will deplete blood sugars quickly. What a way to learn this lesson huh? Dating her afterwards just didn't appeal to me as I was scared to death that day.

I would love to hear of other types of stories that just freaked you out on a date.


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1/28/2006 9:18 am

I guess you can say you FUCKED HER TO DEATH!

Purry {=}


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