84 year old houses are too much work ! :-/  

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3/5/2006 11:00 pm
84 year old houses are too much work ! :-/

after a mountain of yard brush, shruberies
parts n pieces of all kinds of junk have been
hauled away in the first 3 months, Tom starts
work flooring the attic and installing good
lights, and it is back to square one on trash !
He pried out one of those little attic
windows, and when he finished tossing all the
scrap and junk out of it into the little side
yard, there was another small mountain of
junk... who were these people ??? Ma and Pa
Kettle ? the beverly hillbillies ???? I mean
a pile about 5 - 6 feet deep and the size of
a pair of suburbans parked side to side, and
Tom tells me that is only the front half. grrr.
Well, there is alot of flooring up there
on the front half now, and nice florescent
lights. so it is not all bad, I am just so
amazed and slightly pissed about how someone
could collect so much trash in a city property
that Tom has to spend so much time and cash
having it collected and hauled away..

we have one of those 4 foot tall and almost
3 foot square trash cans with wheels you know ?
well, they pick it up twice a week and Tom has
filled it way up every time for 3 months. and
he has 3 - 5 more cans worth already leaning
against the outside of the garage wall. sigh...
and there is a first monday of each month pick
up where they grab anything you stack up between
the sidewalk and the road, He has put enough
out there both times that they said something
to him about possibly being charged extra cause
they had to make an extra trip to empty cause
of us. not any of this stuff was ours till
we closed on this house.

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