The Lady Speaks.....  

sirarrowhead2 49M/37F
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4/16/2005 4:59 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Lady Speaks.....

Hello to all. My name is "Red" & I am the lady of this couple that shares this profile. Yes, I know that he had a "single" profile originally, but believe me ladies, I am not cramping his style. Let's just say that he looks out & likes to share. We have been "sexual partners" for a very long time & we have shared quite a bit. I am having a damn good time on this site. I have met some really cool people (you know who you are!), & I hope to meet more. I guess that I want to tell his friends to continue to message him, nothing has changed. And to you haters out there, the same is implied to you. I am just along for the ride. We are not jealous people, how could we be. I have met some ladies that claim to be bisexual, which means that you have sex with men & women. I don't think that some of you qualify as bisexual. Being a lesbian is cool, just admit it! To the couples & males, I have been trained on big dicks. It is not a knock on you, I just need a male that is large, that's all. Large to me is anything over 8". If you are thick come with it, love the thickness. So, I hope that some of you read this & get a better idea of who I am. Thank you! Squirts to everyone.

SlurpMMMmmm 37F
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5/2/2005 2:17 pm

Hey there sugah,
You commented on my blog back in March and I am so sorry to get back at you so late. Forgive me new friend.
I am responding to the message that you posted on my blog. It's not that I am only risky with female partners it's just that I am married and I promised him that the only dick that I would take (from a man) would be his. In his words "I would be pissed" if I fucked another guy. I, however, am open and don't mind sharing with him. The truth of the matter is I am sexually satisfied with all 9.5 inches that he provides, I do, however, enjoy eating pussy, a womans body is soooooo fuckin sexy to me. Trust me, when I say bi-sexual I mean it.

silkysmooth1265 51M

7/13/2005 4:16 pm

Heey Red,

I am very surprised that more people are'nt all over this subject. One of the most arousing things to me sexually, is to witness my whole of my member submerged to the root. I am newly divorced, and that is one of the main things that I miss the most about my wife is her abilities to surpress he gag-reflex. I know that this particular skill is akin to sword-swallowing, But my question is: Does a limit exist or is it endless, once the skills are acquired to regulate the gag-reflex. Secondly, How much (legnth) have you personally taken and did that limit exist because of you or the limitations of your partner. -Thanks...Looking forward to your answer!!! Bye

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