Walking upon the sands of time - a stroll on the beach !  

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11/15/2005 10:12 pm

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Walking upon the sands of time - a stroll on the beach !

It is interesting to walk upon the sand with the sun hiding behind the clouds promising a storm. Step by step along the dry sand, each step taking effort as the sand of thinking slips away. Left or right, step by step, slowly moving forward with each step in time. Watching the waves churn and listening to the swish of water turn to the roar of breakers falling eternally into the depths. While you feel the reality of nature surrounding you walking upon the beach.

Stopping time between moments, while watching the never ending ever changing surface of the ocean knowing the depths below deepness within. Each moment almost still, yet moving and sparkling surface water white and raging like the emotion you sometimes feel. Then seeing deeper in the calmness below, as you think of diving into the beautiful reality of the depths so tranquil while the storm above fades away. Moving again step by step, right or left the footprints upon the sand behind now washed away by waves sinking into the golden sands. Falling through the hour glass turned again infinitely marking time slipping away into the depths of the past.

Years and days eaten away in minutes and seconds for even the moment in time between the ticking hand of the clock spinning in the constant movement of the dimension we can't touch, because it slips away for the more we grasp time the more it slips away into memories and thoughts fading day by day, bright or dim the light touches and then fades into twilight dreaming again of the joys past and future reaching within to find what we desire in constant seeking for more.

Tides and waves beat upon the minute particles of sand wearing away at the ancient polished grains of thought. While we walk again step by step within moving north or south along the beach with the waves in the eastern twilight of a new dawn. Daily the turn of the earth in the cycles of seasons still the sea remains deeply under the sky changing in welcoming and fare welling with beautiful natural twilight gleaming clouds now ethereal rainbows.

In the new sunlit dawn as twilight fades away tides turning in the brilliance of the sun shining through the clouds blown away. Fog clearing in the warming heat of the sun's rays touching joyously the surface glistening sea changed now. Sunny rays penetrating even to light the depths reflecting the beauty of recreation in each day more brilliant now. A single moment of joy lasting forever within beauty and brilliance louder and clearer echoes the feelings joyfully within. Experince this deeply now dream.

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