A walk into adventure 2 girls on the beach  

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11/21/2005 7:30 pm

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A walk into adventure 2 girls on the beach

A sunny day, just bright now for a walk on the beach with golden sands. Now stepping across the road walking away from the daily reality and into the lelisurely time of peace inside.

Seeing the familiar steps down a quiet path beside the road, softly covered with the native trees that often grow close to the beach. Remembering around 103 steps up or down depending on which way you are going at the time. Now and then, stepping down and listening to the brightly coloured Rainbow Lorakeetes chirping as you begin to notice the soft roar of the waves peeking through the gaps in the foliage. A few more steps down still to go, noticing that there are two familar flights at almost the lowest level, stepping down again counting up or down, 10 in each flight or 20 in all because you know you are closer to the sand at the bottom soon in the tranquility you desire.

Leaving the concrete behind fading out of existase as each pace takes you into the calmer scene of the beach below. Knowing each time you walk upon the softly shifting sands you will sink a litte as you continue one foot in front of the other right left or left right, foot by foot moving forward easily and subconsiously free to allow yourself to experince.

Looking around, as you comfortably walk the final few feet of sandy path between the leaves now. Out onto the small dessert between the ocean and the trees nearby you see.

The golden sand of the beach almost deserted, two other people walk simply, men or boys with boards under their arms, naked surfy torsos visible . Shadowing them so small, the cliff face of the headland stands with power strong and Dominant over the endless onslaught of natural waves crashing into the rocks below. While the Man walks past the boys, smaller in the distance now they fade. As He pauses for a moment silhouetted by the ancient storm carved Power of the rocky cliff contrasted and matched at the same time, the strength of the ancient Power He holds in the palm of His hand, still human now like a father nurturing.

With each stride He walks the length of the beach, His to command. In comfort easily allowing the tranquility of waves and powerful sun filling Him with inner energy. At peace now the sea and the air ephereal and elemental contained just waiting for the storm, He is.

At the southern end hiding just behind the tufted dune two students lay. White and black bikinis small and revealing tanned bodies of lithe youth promising almost womanhood. Eyes covered with cloth they rest dreaming, while the sun warms gentle female skin and soft toned muscle. Alive with each breath, while the wind caresses, their chests rise and fall. Within their dream of what might be more.

Sensing now while dreaming perhaps subconciously, the waves a random rythem of swish and roar. Rolling blue with cascading white lace decorating, the round flesh moving with constant motion of desiring to find what they seek, The waves pleasured in final washing over the golden skin of the sandy beach. In calm or raging hurricane the waves will fade to the contented satisfaction seeping into the sand.

Tides of nature or man, through seasons and years waves continue in that curious seeking of the final soft as sand caress. Again and again the sea in all times still caressing upon that golden flesh writhing.

In their dreams two girls laid almost the sand themselves. Resting deeply captured within the tranquil surrounds.

He walks and stands over them, the southern cliffs behind, watching them breathe while He senses their natural submission, because He is and they are. Each second like an hour, every soft rise and fall or bodily tremmer He sees even the pulse throbbing gently beneath the hot skin. Watching and learning because He is there and though they are blind they know He is there because His presence is real and profound.

Like an ancient gladiator standing over the surrendered, He holds the Power His to Control.

Blindness slipping away, their eyes opening He sits next to them and talks with a Voice echoing the quiet storm, "Hello there, what an enticing day." Each word reaching deep inside perfectly commanding their submission. Responding naturally and easily in ways they do not understand just how even His existance excites them way deep down inside. Their mind and bodies alight with the excitment He is.

Almost shyly they smile, with eyes meeting His gaze pentrating. Deeply they sense something so amazing and different. In chorous they answer delighfully, "Hi!" Looking at each other they blush and giggle because they answered like twins minds enmeshed together.

In Him there is the knowledge and certainty of just what they need, to please Him. The conversation continues growing in fun and intensity. Weaving and playfully flirtatious. He slips the bindings upon them with every word wrapping tighter. In a way that opens and penetrates their very core. As they talk He watches and sees the flush of their skin, the taughtness of nipples, the movements of excited squirming with hearts beating faster they almost compete to Please Him. While He teases and builds the curiousity, knowing what they desire, His words wrap the present He promises to give, letting them know the something enticing awaits wrapped satin bow binding their desire to unwrap what they crave inside.

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