The hubby with all the surprises.  

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9/28/2005 2:24 am

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The hubby with all the surprises.

I thought I'd start our first blog with a true story that happened several months ago. Feel free to add comments, say hi, just drop on in..Let us know your're out there!!!(P.S.) Pics comin' soon.

People ask me constantly what keeps our relationship fun and happy all the time. The answer is quite simple. For 9 years, we've been the best of friends, We love having fun and the sex is unbelievable. Sure, we have our "down times" sexually, but thanks to the hubby and his constant fantasizing sometimes I never know what to expect. While conversing on the couch one night we started talking about fantasies and what we would and would not do. Being a 41 year old Bi-female, he knows I love women. He also knows, that my constant craving for well-hung cock is rampant. But lately, I expressed interest in being pushed to my limits..I wanted to see where my limits were, if any...I wanted to be used like a cheap whore...Fantasy Granted..
I arrived home from a day at work, to find the hubby with 2 glasses of wine. After some small talk, I asked what the plans were for the evening. "Gotta be ready by six"!.."Gotta little surprise for ya". "Six huh?"..1 hour? I'm wondering what he's up to. I went upstairs and took a quick shower. Upon entering the bedroom he asked me if I wanted to try my limits tonight..Hesitantly I agreed, not being sure what lay ahead..However, the thought of being dominated and told what to wear and do made me a bit moist. I was dressed in my short black skirt, a white button down shirt. No panties..No bra..His wishes. Upon getting in the car, he put a blindfold on me..By now, I was getting rather nervous, but anxious at the same time. The only thing I knew, was that were going to a local hotel to "push" my limits.
We entered the hotel room and I was told to sit on the bed and wait. I tried asking questions, but whenever I tried, he told me to sit and be quiet. A knock came on the door and I heard hubby greet them at the door. With the blindfold on, all I could hear was voices..Several..I could hear ciggarettes being lit and voices complimenting me on how well I looked. My hubby then pulled me close and said to me.."Tonight, THEY will push your limits...I'm here to watch you be used" "Isn't that what you want?" I gave a readily "YES..Use me"!!
I was told to stand and strip. I slowely removed my shirt to show my breasts and very quickly felt several hands upon them.. I removed my skirt and was told to lay on the bed. Before I knew it, I had tongues on both nipples and and one in my pussy. He was licking me deep..tasting my ass and pussy. Soon, I was asked to kneel in the middle of the floor and hold my hands out. As I did, I could feel them standing around me. There were 3 men. 3 men that I didn't know from Adam. All I knew is with every command, my mind ran faster and my clit throbbed. I undid their zippers and pulled out there cocks..Hubby knows how to pick 'em..Thick and hung!! I started sucking one cock, stroking the others. When I started sucking the 3rd cock, he push my head down, making me gag. I could feel my eyes watering under my mask. Although I didn't want to puke, the aggression was unbelievable..One of the strangers asked.."So, you wanna be a slut?" "Yes" I replied.."Make me your slut". My hubby yelling in the backround.."Good Girl".
One of the men grabbed the back of my hair and led me to the bathroom where the other 2 followed, including hubby. I was told to get in the tub and kneel. I was a bit curious, but so turned on, I wanted to look and as I reached for my blinfold to take a peek I was ordered to leave it on by one of the men. "Have your limits been met yet?" asked one of the gents. "No" I replied, "I want more"!! All the sudden I was being splashed with hot fluid..The smell of urine filled the bathroom..I could feel it all over my tits..My skin.. trickling down to my already wet pussy.I started to rub my pussy, but was ordered to stop. After the men were done pissing, Hubby ordered a shower for me. While getting the water ready, the men left the room and hubby and I were alone..He took the blindfold off to let my eyes adjust and asked,"everything o.k. so far"? "Are you kidding I asked"? "I want more..Please?"
I showered, blindfold back on and I entered the bedroom. Once again I was ordered to get on the bed in doggystyle postion. As I climbed on, I could feel the 2 men at the head of the bed, so I started sucking both cocks. I could hear a condom package being opened, the rubber being stretched, all the while, praying for a good fucking. When the stranger entered me from behind, I could feel his thickness..I had to tell him to enter slower, because of the thickness. He started fucking me slow and the would speed up all at the same time as I'm sucking the 2 gents. I could feel my breasts swaying with every thrust, as well as his balls slapping my clit. My pussy was throbbing, getting raw, but wanting more..He said he was going to cum and my hubby told him to take the condom off..Cum in her pussy..I felt him remove his cock from my stretched pussy and remove the condom..His warm liquid filled my pussy as I let out a loud moan..I was then ordered to lay on my back, where stranger #2 entered me, and began to fuck me, while reminding me how much of a slut I am..I could feel his thick head inside me, and with every thrust, I could feel my asshole being opened..I've always loved big cock..This night was certainly no exception! Once again, he was ordered to come inside. I felt the large load fill me, and I wanted to cum..My husband ordered me to kneel on the floor and start sucking the 3rd strangers' cock, which I did eagerly, however, I noticed that not only was there one cock, but 2 more..I could hear my hubby stroking his cock in front of me, along with stranger #1. I was told to stop sucking and rub my raw pussy. I could feel the strangers' cum oozing out of me as I pulled away from sucking long enough to stick my fingers in my mouth and taste. The men started moaning louder and I soon felt hot cum all over my face..On my blindfold, my lips, my mouth..My first bukkakke and I loved it. I was told to leave the blindfold on and sit on the bed. I could hear the men getting dressed and getting ready to leave. The first man came up to me..whispered thank you and kissed my lips, as did the 2nd and 3rd. I heard the door close and I removed the blindfold. My husnabd walked over and kissed me..and asked.."Surprised?"..
Our sex life plays a big part in having fun. We still look for well-hung gents and Bi-fems for good times, and hot encounters. And as for the strangers?..Hubby has football gatherings every Sunday now and I often wonder if any of the guys are the ones that fucked me that night. Not much was said from the guys, so I really can't go by voice..But, I don't wanna know..Makes it that much better!!!!

mtcple44 59M/58F
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9/28/2005 9:25 pm

Wow!! Thats the hottest story we've read in a very long time.... can't wait to read the next one!!

Charliecargodess 40F

10/5/2005 5:26 pm

Nice, sounds like a very good time. Now you need to try it with some cute girls hehe.

sinners_swing3 43M/52F

10/5/2005 10:28 pm

Lately, it's been pretty hard finding Bi-fems who want to be entertained by a couple. However, we are always up for a good time, so if any Bi-fems would like the sole attention of a couple, please drop us a line. I do have several true MFF stories to share and will possibly do so if the interest is there..Hubby and I agree that they are great examples of how we like to pamper our female guests..We enjoy same room swinging, watching other couples, being watched...(All which would go great in our true stories part of the blog. Depending on the interest of wanting to hear them). When you put it all together, it's real simple. We love sex in every aspect. We've had great encounters, and some not so great. However, the butterflies in the tummy, the sweaty palms, the touch of a strangers' hands, the taste of a new woman...We wouldn't give this up for the world...

Lookingingfmt 62M

10/7/2005 11:09 pm

I loved the story would have like to been involved if hubby wants to do it again, I will raise my hand to join in. Looking forward to the next story.

rm_luvtofuckhln 52M

10/9/2005 5:33 pm

Very hot story can't wait to read the nextone, wish I was part of the next one......

Sansoucius2 66M
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10/30/2005 9:36 pm

Love the stories!!!! I wish you were in the Kalispell area!!

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