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6/24/2006 8:25 pm

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lines from ~ In The Cut

" The still waters of water under a frond of stars.
The still waters of your mouth under a thicket of kisses"

Mitch committed suicided 5 years ago. He had carried his schizophrenia for so many years. As i photographed the archive, this chandelier from the collection struck me as being particularly poignant. We were having trouble with turning the globes on and we were running out of time. I said 'forget it, we'll shoot it as it is.'

It ended up being one of my favorite shots. One one level it is transcendent and translucent but the light is definitely off. It's so sad.

rm_kalanchoe88 54F

6/24/2006 11:40 pm

Beauty and sadness. Transcendent and translucent.

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