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6/22/2006 10:56 am

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We can feel so frustrated in relationships. But often it's not the our experience of the relationship that irritates us. The ability to hear, really hear the other person can be so lacking in a time poor complex busy alpha world.

I am so connected to her, yet the language of connection is not verbal, cannot be scheduled, is pure, and requires time and space for this full experience or expression of being.

DD says

"Practice being blissfully devoted to the unknown
infinity with your entire body flung open as a free fall
without a single thought distracting you into holding
on to anything."

Can i do this? Can i place myself into the embrace of the infinite space where; Who, Where, He, She etc are free from restraint. Where my pure being is no longer defined by mental constructs and identies are freely intermingling with desire and life.

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