trin im so hornyyy!!  

sinfuldesirezbbw 44F
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8/27/2006 2:38 am

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12/21/2007 3:18 pm

trin im so hornyyy!!

i know your going to spank me to high hell when you read this partially why i didnt send you a detailed outline of how to get your IM going. girl i had to work for a few hours before i met the man from vic and well close to the end of my shift the hydraulics hose blew and next thing i know im covered in the icky fluid from head to toe so i had a bad effen day and more so i was so stiff and smellin from that crud off the boat i missed this man as well. i was exhausted and i mean so friggen tired it was work just to shower and i fell on the bed i was out cold with in minutes marg said. woke up at 11 some time around there i guess maybe later. but i told this sexy man what happened and he was so understanding. but now im awake and i woke up super horny and well ....

Sex0addict0bware 44F
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8/27/2006 3:25 am

Babydoll! How could you that guy was choice. Thank
your lucky stars he was so understanding. I should
go over there and paddle your ass until it is raw!
I know that would just have your sweet pussy soaked
which wouldn't be a very good punishment. Trust me
something will come to mind. I hope you plan to make
it up to this man in a big way. He was probably
soaked in pre cum dying to work all your holes over!
Speaking of cumming what happened to my story? The
other thing do you think i should post a pic or just
leave it blank?

Sex0addict0bware 44F
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8/29/2006 2:11 pm

I finished filling out my profile finally.
They only ask a few hundred questions. I
will pat any person on the back if they
actually read my entire profile and allow
me to quiz them on it in person lol. You
haven't been around in awhile. Everything
is okay i hope. I heard from Sam and she
is still weepy. Word of advice, do not and
I mean do not mention that furball! She
breaks down in tears.

Think we should make different plans this
long weekend babydoll. I can bring her over
and we will do fun stuff. Keep her busy try
take her mind off hissyfit. Might help a bit.
I'm going over to visit her tomorrow. I will
let you know if its as bad as it all seems.

My day is going so slow i might just go home
early soak in a nice hot bath and then head out
look for some new sexy clothes for the weekend.
Are we going to that camp out if so let me know
right away so i know what to pack.

You will never believe this! My ideal places to
have sex is on my profile well i had one young
guy tell me he can make it possible! I would love
to take him up on that but you know my age limit
30 to 55 and he is only 24. I should keep an open
mind and talk to the fella see if he is differnt
from the other young bucks i gave a chance too.
I have to agree with you though about the older
gentlemen theory of yours.

Okay i should get this work wrapped up and get
out of here. I will see if you are on line when i
get home. Huggles sexy booty!

MsNaughtyNipples 47F
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8/31/2006 10:02 am

i scream you scream we all scream for pussy cream!

so we have two magically delicious women sitting here in blogsville

waiting for sex to come knocking on their door. well

im knocking now let me in! read it all and instead of bawling my

eyes out im laughing my round ass off that you 2 nut-

ball women made hissyfit a part of an adult sex site. more so because

you had nothing better to talk about then my kitty.

after hearing about trins email explosion im going to hold off on pics

is this place as good as you guys said it is? hell

im a member of so many sites now and none of them helped. so this one

better be different if not then im going to make one

of you my love slave. yes princess shar thats a promise bet the junk

in your trunk on it. your ass will be mine for good

katerina im going over to have you for lunch. that is take you out for

lunch if you let me eat you for lunch would be even

better. we will have a conference call with the princess make sure

our weekend plans are all worked out. She can listen

to lil miss tinkerbell moaning as i devour her tasty lips lets break

for lunch early k fn work is beckoning me to actually

do something. talk to you both in an hour.

OrdinaryGuy1954 106M

8/31/2006 1:22 pm

Knock, Knock, NaughtyNipples.

MsNaughtyNipples 47F
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9/1/2006 4:34 am

looks out the peephole? who is it? what ever your selling we dont need

anything. if your here for sex well im not interested but my two

horny girlfriends are screaming wheres the beef!!! so maybe you can be

of some help to them. girls take him he is all yours. oh one more

thing bubba wear a bib because they both leave big puddles behind when

they cum. preferably a big dribble bib trust me now you are going to

need it

Sex0addict0bware 44F
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9/1/2006 8:58 am

You trying to give us away again Olive?
No one is crazy enough to even try. We
are off tonight why didn't you take the
day off so we could leave this afternoon.
Sharon is working her ass off too. I
already called her she said she needs to
get some orders out of the way and her
weekend is cleared for us. This friend of
hers is not going to be with us tonight i
think thats what Shar said. Sounds like he
is popular with the ladies. Wish you would
answer your cell phone i have something to
ask you. Shar said yes but i need your ok

Sex0addict0bware 44F
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9/1/2006 2:59 pm

AdultFriendFinder asked all the questions we
answered them. Besides that you can see if
the people contacting you actually read the
profile completely. I make a point of reading
theirs. Easy to get threw all of them since
most of them only fill out the information
about themselves they didnt bother to answer
all the questions. She is right Sam yours
comes off kind of harsh. You doing that just
so Shar has to be your sex slave? Woman
always has a motive for something.

I gave up on the one liners though. Should have
tuned me in that their profiles would be as
dull as the one line they sent me. I have a
hand full of dominant men wanting to meet. It
shows I happen to be dominant myself so why
would they think we would click. Our stubborness
and refusal to back down from anything would
just be battle after battle. I tried the
dominant man and they ALWAYS try to show me who's
in charge. I have to walk out showing them exactly
who is. They are more jealous and possesive then
the average man. This one got me laughing though
he went on about a hot teasing play off and had
you sitting at the edge of your seat then in
the end it said f(_)ck the sh!t out of you! Which
basically said got you HO! Left that one alone.
Glad there are decent ones in the pack. I will
upgrade to goldmembership though. Limiting email
Im worried now im going to call you after I make
this other call first.

ruready2691962 55M

9/6/2006 10:28 pm

Well there are more where that one came from... drop me a line, I think we can have some fun.

10inchesminus3 50M
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9/7/2006 5:47 pm

I would love to bed all three of you. I have the passion the respect the admiration the three of you deserve. You even said so yourselves.

10inchesminus3 50M
4 posts
9/7/2006 5:49 pm

Sorry about the big font won't happen again. Three of you call me. I have a splendid weekend planned for us

Sex0addict0bware 44F
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9/7/2006 11:33 pm

Oh Hon exlude me and Shar for weekend plans.
I have a date with a sexy couple all weekend
They will be lucky if i untie them to enjoy
the west side. Queenie is busy ruling her
kingdom dealing with the little prince and
princess. I think she is on kid watch for the
next 2 weeks. Sam will get you all to herself
lucky wench! I will give you a shout at the
end of the week though sweetums! Oh yes how
did you get the color to work in your font? I
tried and tried and still get this boring old
black cruddy font.

Sex0addict0bware 44F
31 posts
9/8/2006 2:54 pm

Holy cripes! Babydoll!! i missed you
sexy. I invited Lucas told him he is
better off to gripe here with us then
sit in drama city. I am still trying
to get threw all this damn email. I
have managed to reply to some of them.
There is one man I want to meet I will
email you his profile name. Another
couple as well. I spent all morning
talking to the hubby he is just so easy
to talk too. They are sexy and he is
funny as well. I am not sure if I will
talk to the wife. I would like to help
them both out with a fantasy of theirs
which I will tell you about in the email.
First time ever being able to be so open
with the hubby you know me usually i get
a long great with the wife and hubby and
I just dont mesh. There we were talking
away like we knew each other forever and
next thing I knew I had to run off get
ready for work! I met him in the BC chat
room. They arent overly cliquish there
Shar. I had many talking with me.
Oh just so you know I have been attacking
people who responded to your advice lines
in the magazine on AdultFriendFinder one woman rubbed me
the wrong way. Never mind just go check it
out yourself.
What else do I have to tell you. Oh I will
actually call you and fill you in on a
gathering we are attending on our vacation
time. These women want to meet with you and
I on our vacation time too. They are part
time couple like you and me and Sam. They
arent a threesome though. Just a twosome.

Sex0addict0bware 44F
31 posts
9/8/2006 2:57 pm

okay the color still didnt show
up so explain to me!!

Sex0addict0bware 44F
31 posts
9/11/2006 2:21 pm

Shar I see you're on line. Look babydoll
I sent you a list of names of people I
would like to meet. Are these any of
the same people you are interested in?
If they contacted you first then i will
just scratch them off the list. I am
going to call you around 6 pm tonight
we can go over that list then. Have you
talked to our Sex kitten? I gave her a
call this morning to wish her a happy
b-day but she wasn't answering. Hate
when she gets the birthday blues. Hell
she still looks to be in her twenties
most women would kill to be able to
hold on to that youthful look! Try call
her Shar sing happy birthday to her
Marilyn Monroe style. She will love it!

Sex0addict0bware 44F
31 posts
9/11/2006 8:26 pm

See if this works now. I wish i was
there listening! Gets my g string dripping in
juices! Glad you got her laughing again. So
love it when you sing in that voice. You should
do that when you are working it hot and heavy
with that one sexy person probably shag you to
to high hell there and back and repeat the
course for good measure!
I plan to go out with some of the hotties that
mailed me just not many of them. So not all of
them i stuck in a bin with void on it! I froze
when i read that part because in the email box
i do have one category that is actually labled
Stamped VOID. Thinking how the hell did she
know that!
Laughed out really loud when you said you and
Boy George were singing back and forth. Only
you and Sam would still like that song after
all these years. Prince okay atleast he hasnt
been caught playing with his noodle in public.
Oh wait wrong George. Still he was a juicehead
hate people who do drugs all that talent and
he kills it by doing drugs. Some of the songs
you mentioned i was singing away after. Got
the one stuck in my head thanks a lot! LoL
So next Monday you are going to be set to
meet that sexy creature you better make it
this time. I should go over there and drive
you right to them so you don't mess it up
this time!
My mom is over i have to go. Look for me in
a bit. licks nibbles and clit kisses

Sex0addict0bware 44F
31 posts
9/11/2006 8:27 pm

Yes it worked!!! Does the hokey pokey!

10inchesminus3 50M
4 posts
11/29/2006 8:16 pm

I am sure there are many that would love to do the hokey pokey with you Katerina. My beauties did you make out your christmas list yet? I made out mine and santa said it was not doable if it were at all possible to leave you three naked woman under my tree he would be leaving him self the exact same gift himself every day not just on christmas.

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