Dazed and Confused .....  

sincitybrunette 55F  
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2/6/2006 5:43 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Dazed and Confused .....

I feel like I have been dazed and confused over the last year. I have trusted my instincts and opened myself up to both new experiences and old ones forgotten. I have found things out about myself that have both surprised and shocked me.

I recently wrote a blog about going against ones own rules...and came to the realization that rules are meant to be broken, well either broken or revamped to fit the experience.

SO, no more rules for me....from today on, each days experiences will be one day at a time.

crazygurl2xx 56F

2/6/2006 6:26 pm

Join the club, girl!

fantasylover_05 62M

2/6/2006 6:34 pm

Live each day to the fullest....

No rewards come without having taken risks to get them...

There are new opportunities all around you... you only need recognize them and exploit them.....

Open your mind to those possibilities.....

The singular thing being... do not compromise your core values....

expatbrit49 62M

2/6/2006 6:41 pm

Been dazed and confused for so long it's not true,
Wanted a woman, never bargained for you.
Lots of people talk and few of them know,
Soul of a woman was created below.

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

timberwolf6972 44M

2/6/2006 6:50 pm

I'm not into rules either cause things change so fast sometimes that rules just complicate things.

digdug41 49M

2/6/2006 6:54 pm

well you do what makes you happy

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

Sorceror07 54M

2/6/2006 7:02 pm

as an expert "rule bender" always remember.. bend it until it breaks, if it breaks it's ok... you needed a new one anyway

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

TropicalBill2 62M

2/6/2006 7:21 pm

There are times we sit on our high horse and judge others by what we think is right. I have learned in my middle age that things are rarely what they seem. It's a beautiful thing this life. Dazed and confused.......growth can be that way!

49AK 55M
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2/6/2006 7:33 pm

But isn't it more fun if you have the rules? After all, the thrill is to be outside the fence, not to knock it down completely...

lifeisablast333 53M

2/6/2006 7:52 pm

kewl, just going with the flow, and having fun....great plan

scottdammit11 53M

2/6/2006 8:14 pm

Yes, rules are meant to be broken. And it's only a crime if you get caught! lol!

rm_ClassActnCT 55M
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2/6/2006 8:49 pm

Sin- As I previuosly stated in response to your Blog "Rules"

It would seem to me that when one finds themselves breaking a rule, we are reaching past our present life boundaries, searching for something that is not within it. Something needed.. wanted or desired.

Is it time to now break from your present lifes boundaries?

rm_art_persists 51M
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2/6/2006 8:56 pm

intuition, instinct and clarity amongst confusion... wisdom?

rm_need4fire2 63M

2/7/2006 4:25 am

Rules are good for a guideline...they sometimes keep us out of trouble..however they are in most cases flexible (dont tell the cops) so go ahead and bend them to your liking so they fit your senario just keep the basics intact

rm_magnet4u22 49F
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2/7/2006 11:39 am

Life is too short to do it any other way.


F1reman6969 49M

2/7/2006 4:59 pm

okay, so if you say that there are not going to be anymore rules then there are no more rules....
or is that a rule?
now i'm confused....

sincitybrunette 55F  
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2/9/2006 12:10 pm

crazygurl - think thats exactly what I am going to do

fantasy - no compromise necessary this time

expat - thanks for the your input

sincitybrunette 55F  
1668 posts
2/9/2006 12:11 pm

timberwolf - so true

digdug - I will

sorcerer - words to live by

sincitybrunette 55F  
1668 posts
2/9/2006 12:13 pm

goldmember - thank you..i am sure they will

tropical - it can be beautiful if you learn to experience it right

49AK - I have tried that one, doesnt work

lifeisablast - going with the flow, nice way to phrase it

katsback - and the new seems really interesting right now

sincitybrunette 55F  
1668 posts
2/9/2006 12:15 pm

scott - who says I dont want to get caught?

class - I think I already have

art - I am even more confused now?

biggirlz - my new motto...one day at a time

need4fire - I needed a whole new set of rules....

sincitybrunette 55F  
1668 posts
2/9/2006 12:16 pm

magnet - I am glad you agree

fireman - no more rules...taking it as it comes my way

sincitybrunette 55F  
1668 posts
2/11/2006 4:10 pm

Loving - I couldnt agree with you on this one anymore....

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