Two For Tuesday...  

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3/9/2006 9:51 pm

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Two For Tuesday...

Sorry I haven't written but it has been a hectic 2 days. I will back track a little for you so we can catch up to the activities of the past few days.

As most of you know by now, Tuesday is the day I work at a chiropractic office in town. I've already written how I have a big crush on my boss, Dr. Kelly, but he is married and happily married at that so he is off limits. I don't think I have mentioned yet that there is another chiropractor at his office, his nephew also Dr. Kelly but we will call him Steve for my blog purposes. There is also another massage therapist on staff and his name is JT. JT is also an instructor at one of the massage schools here in town.

Both these guys are 28-29 years old, and I have partied with both of them whether it be at a house party or at Jet or Tangerine night clubs here in town. I've been working for 1 year at the doctor's office this May and not once in all this time did Steve or JT ever come on to me other than "just friends."

So it turns out that Steve is a member of AdultFriendFinder and he saw my profile and read my blog. This disturbed me somewhat because #1 my "dirty girl" massages are totally giving the massage business a bad name and #2 I don't want him to tell his uncle. Today at work, Steve comes to me while I'm setting up my room for my next massage. He closes the door which is unusual for him so I know he wants to talk.

He proceeds to tell me that he saw my ad on AdultFriendFinder and I should be ashamed of myself. Next thing you know, JT walks in the room and turns to him and says did you tell her yet? Steve says, "Yeah, I'm discussing it with her now." I was so pissed that he opened his big mouth to JT. JT is a blabber mouth so I knew at this point I'm fucking screwed. I just didn't realize how fucking screwed I was going to be. Mind you my whole fucking day is ruined at this point because of the shame and embarrassment. I just wanted to die. All day, after each massage client left, Steve & JT kept reminding me of what a piece of shit I am to give dirty girl massages and ruin my legit reputation in the business.

Finally, after Dr. Kelly had left for the day, I went into Steve's office and told him that I will do anything if he just keeps his mouth shut. Obviously, Steve and JT have talked about this because as soon as I said that, Steve says to me, "If you fuck us both, we will never mention it." I say fine, call JT in here. At which point he did.

Steve locked up the place while JT and I got undressed in his office. JT let me know how he has been dreaming of eating my pussy for almost a year now so I figured hey might as well let the fucker do it. I sat up on Steve's desk and leaned back a little, opened my legs and let JT go to town sucking on my clit. Steve came back in the room at this point and undid his pants in front of me. He released a surprising large cock and put it in my face and told me to put it down my throat. I did. It was rather enjoyable. I mean let's face it, I am a cocksucking queen. I love the cock, I crave the cock. So even for the 2 dumbass blackmailing motherfuckers I was still enjoying myself.

After Steve blew his nut down my throat, I got up off the desk and got to my knees to suck JT off. I guess at some point while I was sucking JT's dick Steve got wood again and propped me on all fours, spread my ass cheeks and entered my pussy from behind. He felt pretty damn good. I like a nice thick cock inside me. My pussy was so wet from all the dick sucking going on. Steve must not fuck too often because after 3-4 pumps he blew his load inside me. JT on the other hand was still going strong as he fucked my face with force. After Steve pulled out, JT wanted his turn with my pussy. About 10-15 minutes into his hard ramming, Steve was ready once more.

Since we were still all on our knees at this point, Steve just bent down and shoved his cock in my mouth once more. It was pretty hot being their cum guzzler. I have to say I was really enjoying myself. Finally, JT orgasmed so hard I actually felt it shoot all the way up in me. That was pretty hot because sometimes you don't feel the shooting part of it. I mean I actually felt it go all the way in. That made me cum even more. The best part was JT was still hard. He asked if he can fuck my ass. Since it was so nice of him to ask, I told him sure. He used the cum dripping out of my cunt to lube his cock up so he can tap my ass. His dick wasn't the biggest I ever had up there but it sure did feel good nonetheless.

After Steve and JT blew another load each, we called it a night. They promised not to say anything to Dr. Kelly as long as "on occasion" we can do this. I told them it was cool with me. I mean hey, they are both cuties with nice cocks so why the fuck not, right?

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