Today's Tale From My Massage Table Of Ecstasy...  

sincityamberxxx 41F
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3/9/2006 10:05 pm
Today's Tale From My Massage Table Of Ecstasy...

OK, here is today's adventure from my massage table of ecstasy. Now mind you I skipped over Wednesday's tale because what happened to me on Wednesday was so unbelievable I might actually need some time to collect my thoughts and really think long and hard about how I want to present it to you all.

Anyway...let's talk about my new friend Mark shall we?

Can you say BABYDOLL? I mean BABYDOLL. Tall, 38 years old, handsome, great body, green eyes, salt & pepper hair...OH BABY!

Mark was totally shy at first but he warmed up to me quickly. It didn't take long before we were discussing my AdultFriendFinder sexcapades. Next thing you know, Mark's hard as a rock. Of course I knew he needed help with that hard on so I took the liberty of lubbing up my hands and just giving his balls a nice, long, sensual massage before I reached for his stiff rod and started playing with that. I won't give you all the gory details because I don't want any of my faithful readers to get jealous but let's just say, he made me cuuuuuuuummmmmm buckets and he didn't even touch me. Sometimes men just "got it" like that, and believe me Mark has it.

Mark, if you read this, cum see me whenever you want baby. You are so hot, you're smokin'!

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